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The Good Wife 4×17 – Invitation To An Inquest

"Why does everyone think it's alright to parent my children?"


The Good Wife can’t always rely on Alicia’s badassery to throw out a solid hour. This episode perfectly displayed that as we had Alicia being her usual awesome self on one hand, while the case of the week unfortunately let her down.

Was anybody even all that intrigued by the Ludwig widow and the whole coroner jury? The case started out promisingly enough, as it’s always a treat when the show flips Alicia’s legal world upside down and forces her to think on her feet in a new setting (much like military court last year). However, the storyline eventually lost a lot of steam and I found myself barely interested in the outcome. The three question limit was amusing though.

Carey fared a bit better as he dealt with the return of his duplicitous father. While it did feel like we’ve kind of covered this ground before, I enjoyed the fact that Carey ultimately procured the business through his own tenacity and determination by going over his father’s head. Still, the day where he jumps ship could not come soon enough in my opinion.

Cases & Bits

– My favorite scene of the episode was probably Alicia and Carey’s dad awkwardly discussing her partnership as Carey walked in.

– Diane can be such a slimeball sometimes. The way she gives the associates stern orders with fake smiles just irks me the wrong way.

– What did Kalinda whisper into the guy’s ears?

– So Alicia and Will are going to be “friends” again. Let’s see how well that works before they find themselves in yet another elevator tryst.

– I enjoyed Alicia attacking Jordan for interfering in Zack’s relationship. Thankfully that useless character is gone now.

Good Lines

Alicia: (to Grace) Talk to me as if I weren’t omniscient.

Alicia: (to Jordan) I don’t know what the game is here, but if you’re using me… stop.

Must Download Tunes
Fake Palindromes by Andrew Bird
Draw The Stars by Andreya Triana

Not the most exciting or compelling hour of The Good Wife.

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