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The Good Wife 4×18 – Death Of A Client

"I swear if you start clocking my alcohol intake, I'm going to do shots."


Now that was a beautiful hour of television.

I love it when The Good Wife takes chances and produces a different kind of hour – and this episode certainly fit the bill. Thanks to the abrupt murder of one of Alicia’s clients, the entire episode takes  place in the span of one night (and in a particularly claustrophobic police station). It’s a shame we never met Matthew Ashbaugh before because he proved to be an utterly fascinating and offbeat character with a ton of amusing quirks. Nevertheless, his story provided the hour with a darkly humorous backdrop that was a joy to watch unfold. The punchy transitions, the dream-like edits,  this was The Good Wife at its finest.

Peter was brilliant this week. It’s been a while since Chris Noth had this much to do and he did not disappoint. I especially loved him punching Kristiva in retribution for his foul tactics and then playing the innocent card. It’s always great to watch Peter let loose so the entire subplot was immensely satisfying. In addition, him offering Diane the position of Supreme Court Justice opens up the show in a whole new way. I’m really rooting for her to take him up on the offer as the woman needs something to do besides her sketchy machinations at Lockhart-Gardner.

Interestingly enough, this hour also saw the return of Alicia’s mother played to perfection by the uber-talented Stockard Channing. From taking the kids out to a pub and revealing that Alicia was pregnant when she got married, to making the Cardinal’s acquaintance, Veronica was an utter hoot and I’m undeniably looking forward to seeing her again soon.

Cases & Bits

– Hilarious moment with Eli talking about “Saint Alicia” just as Will awkwardly arrives.

– How in the world did they manage to make poor old Chandler Bing so unlikeable? Matthew Perry, you are impressive!

– I love how all the flashbacks to Alicia and Ashbaugh’s past had bits of her and Will’s frequent love romps. They sure were a passionate couple.

– I was enormously amused by Ashbaugh playing Bach over and over on his portable player.

– So are Laura and Will finally going to be a thing now? And why is Amanda Peet nowhere near as attractive as she used to be?

– St.Patrick’s Day provided a very amusing backdrop for the hour. The singing policeman in the station drove me absolutely nuts (in an amusing way).

– Margulies and Josh Charles knocked their “moving on” scene out of the park.

– A nominee for one of the year’s best TV moments: Alicia saying “go fuck yourself.” If only this was a cable show.

– Perfect low-key ending with Alicia and Peter calmly dancing as she reminisced over the time Ashbaugh told her he kept suing people to spend more time with her. My heart kind of broke for him a little.

Good Lines

Alicia: (To Kristiva) You’d do Mein Kampf proud.

Alicia: You know the problem with bad people is they use the arguments of good people.
Kristiva: The problem with good people is they think of themselves as good people.
Alicia: Okay well this has been fun. Die choking on your own blood please.

Alicia: It’s a pleasure to meet you.
Ashbaugh: Why?
Alicia: Why is it a pleasure to meet you? Because you’re a wealthy new client and I want to make a good impression.

Alicia: You travel with your own soundtrack?
Ashbaugh: Yes. Don’t you?

A skillfully-produced and positively stunning hour of television.

 Nad Rating


  1. I have been amazed at the caliber of episodes this season. For a fourth season, the story is moving forward in interesting ways and continues to surprise me. This was another example of superior story telling.

    The Alicia/Will dynamic just breaks my heart. He so obviously loves her; she can't seem to move on, in spite of all the times she has said she doesn't love him. Actions, my dear. I loved the small scene with Grace where she tells her mother to be the man she wants to be with. To give credit, I think Alicia does love Peter. It would be hard not to. They have been married for damn near twenty years and they share two kids. My problem, and I think Alicia's on some level, is that the man is going to fall again. I still don't trust him not to break her heart again.

    The guest stars this week are a veritable galaxy. Matthew Perry, John Noble and Stockard Channing all knock it out of the park. I like the Laura character, but Amanda Peet is playing the same character she did on Studio 60. If she and Perry ever have a scene together, I will feel like I am in the twilight zone…

  2. Interesting points Chris. Alicia's relationships with both Will and Peter are just so darn compelling to watch. I really love this world and the fact that the show can still produce utterly outstanding hours like this one in its fourth year 🙂 And woohoo you're up to date now!

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