Arrow 1×18 – Salvation

"This is the thing with what we do: sometimes we lose."


While Arrow hasn’t had the most consistent debut season, I’m been impressed by just how effectively the show has built up its world and the various players. It all feels like it’s coming together for an epic collision by the time the finale rolls around, which has me extremely pumped for the next stretch of episodes.

The island stuff was engrossing once more, as we finally got a proper introduction to Yao Fei’s daughter, Shado. While she started out as a damsel in distress, I was intrigued by the fact that she turned out to be a pretty proficient asskicker in disguise. She’s bound to be immensely entertaining now that she’s with Slade and Ollie.

Surprisingly, I quite enjoyed Laurel and family drama this week. The scene with Dinah breaking down and revealing she let Sarah get on the boat with Oliver was particularly heartbreaking. I do hope Sarah is never revealed to be alive though. It’s best to let some people stay dead and preserve the gravitas of the original crash.

Moira continues one of Arrow‘s standout payers. I adored her throwing Frank under the bus which lead to his brutal death at the hands of The Dark Archer. Suffice to say, Moira is far from innocent and this development really showcased just how “far” she was willing to go to protect her kids. Susanna Thompson was magnificent in her blood-drenched breakdown post-murder.

If this episode had any flaws, it was yet another villain-of-the-week. The Savior was hardly a threatening presence when his identity was eventually revealed. In fact he proved to be quite disposable and I hated his final conversation with Oliver as the two debated morality etc… It just felt incredible cheesy and sloppy.

Finally, I have to say that the scene between Ollie and Laurel at the end was pretty spectacular. I don’t know how they did it, but the show really has me rooting for the couple after everything they’ve been through. Viewers need this kind of investment in an endgame couple and it’s surprising how much I want these two to get together already. Bravo Arrow.

Bits & Arrows

– So was Oliver just planning on facing the killer without a hood or mask in broad daylight?

– The entire parkour set-piece was fantastic. You could see Stephen Amell doing a lot of the jumping and rolling which is rare in Hollywood.

– Felicity was outstanding as always this week. She got to feel guilty over not being able to save everybody, and she got a touching bonding scene with Oliver.

– So Shado knows what Fyers’ plan is… Hmm. We’re waiting my dear.

– Having Roy Harper kidnapped by The Savior is a pretty great way of getting him integrated into the main arc and Ollie’s crosshairs. But why did he keep one of the arrows?

– Quite the touching moment with Laurel forgiving her mom.

– So The Undertaking’s plot has something to do with the subway map on Ollie’s notebook. This is getting epic.

Staring Quips

Diggle: Oliver you’ve spent a lot of time under the hood the last few weeks.
Oliver: Keeps my ears warm.

Felicity: Oliver no offense, but do I tell you how to sharpen your arrows?

A solid and highly-entertaining hour of Arrow.

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