Scandal 2×17 – Snake In The Garden

"Is it risky? Yes. Welcome to kidnapping."


Who would have thought they’d ever make Hollis one of Olivia’s clients of the week? In theory it was a genius move, but his “kidnapped” daughter storyline didn’t provide us with the kind of explosive twists we’re usually used to on Scandal. Nevertheless, it was undeniably entertaining, and the rest of the hour picked up the slack in utterly fantastic ways.

I must say I’m loving Jack and Olivia together. As creepy and psychotic as the guy is, something about his dynamic with Liv makes them a somewhat charming couple (I especially loved the “close your eyes” scene). Of course the writers ended the hour on a pretty awesome cliffhanger with Jack being revealed as the one responsible for setting up Osborne’s “suicide”. So who is the mole? I’m guessing this question will be providing the narrative thrust for the rest of the year.

And finally, how outstanding was Mellie’s speech to Fitz about turning into his father and driving his kids away? Bellamy Young was phenomenal here; the entire speech was a masterclass in writing and acting. I’m curious to see how Fitz intends to drag himself out of this pit of despair and how his relationship with Liv will evolve.

Scandalous Bits

– What a badass moment with Olivia standing up to Osborne in her own living room. God I love her.

– Hollis really cracked me up during the first half of the episode as he kept insisting that his daughter was acting.

– Loved Olivia interfering and scolding Maybelle for refusing a “do-over”.

– David hanging around the office (and mostly eating) was highly amusing.

– I enjoyed the twist with Huck giving Quinn a family of her own after she spent the whole episode trying to do the same for him. The girl obviously needs it with daddy ignoring her and all.


Olivia: Check my file. Half my clients have your pay grade or higher which means half my clients would happily intervene on my behalf and kick your ass in whatever special way their office allows. Which is why I suggest, Director Osborne, you leave my apartment immediately.

Hollis: (to Quinn) Bring me a coffee – black as Texas crude with three sugars sweet as you.

Jake: Whoever I am, I like you. I like you a lot. I like how you say ‘what’ when you answer the phone. How you always seem to be wearing white. How wine seems to be a food group for you. I like that you know who you are and that you fix everyone around you. But you seem sad to me, Olivia. I like you, but you seem sad.

Mellie: You’re not their father anymore, and it’s not because you found out about Defiance, it’s because you found out your precious Olivia doesn’t have the secrets of the universe tucked between her magical thighs.

Not the most mindblowing hour, but still solid Scandal.

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  1. I thought it was implied that Jake is the mole in that final scene. He set up Osbourne for the fall and then killed him before he could investigate. He also sacked that reporter a couple of weeks ago…

  2. I thought so too but then I saw ABC's marketing department run wild on Scandal's Twitter with #Whoisthemole
    So, just like #whoshotfitz, it looks like something bigger is brewing here!

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