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The Walking Dead 3×15 – This Sorrowful Life

"No one's gonna mourn you."


The season’s almost done, and I for one can not wait.

Yes this year has been a spectacular ride and the show’s strongest outing yet, but it’s time to end on a high note. It kind of feels like The Walking Dead is spinning on its wheels at the moment as we inch closer to the all-out clash between the prison folk and Woodbury. Time for the war people.

I never liked Merle but this hour was a fitting sendoff for the racist redneck. His dynamic with Michonne has always been sort of amusing so it was entertaining to watch these two on their little roadtrip. I don’t think it made much sense how easily Merle suddenly had a change of heart and let his prisoner go, but it was worth watching him go wild on The Governor and his men. His subsequent zombification and death at the hands of his brother was both touching and powerful, and served as an intriguing ending for the season’s penultimate episode.

My biggest beef with the show is the fact that Rick and company were actually considering surrendering Michonne to The Governor. Any which way I look at it, it doesn’t make sense, particularly in light of the fact that Rick never trusts strangers. I feel like this whole development was one of the show’s rare misfires this year but I have a feeling the surely epic finale will rectify those wrongs.

On the bright side, Glenn proposed to Maggie after slicing off a ring from a random Walker. It felt quite poignant in the midst of all the terror and death although I have a feeling these two won’t be getting a happy ending next week. I do hope I’m wrong.

Zombie Bites

– I liked Darryl sticking up for Glenn and Maggie and confronting Merle for once.

– Another Lori hallucination. Oh joy.

– Standout scene of the episode: Michonne getting surrounded by Walkers while tied to the pole. She truly proved what a badass she was here as she still managed to dispose of them by wrapping them in wires and kicking the heck out of em.

– I almost puked at the brutal sight of the Governor biting off Merle’s finger and spitting it out.

– Are we to assume Andrea is still tied to the chair?

– Darryl helplessly crying like a child at the sight of his Walker brother chewing on a corpse was a superb moment.

A creepy albeit flawed hour of The Walking Dead.

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  1. Loved this episode! Can't believe they killed off Merle (I really hated him but still), and Michonne kicking some ass was awesome! Loved how she tied one of the walkers in the wires and choked him. Epic! Finale, here I come…

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