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The Vampire Diaries 4×18 – American Gothic

"Did it occur to you that you're not that deep?"


I frequently feel like Nina Dobrev is a bad actress; she just doesn’t strike me as a girl who can bring much depth to her roles. Then the writers throw us a Katherine episode and I’m reminded just how talented the girl genuinely is. This episode not only had the return of our favorite villainess, but a humanity-free Elena which Nina still managed to differentiate enough from dear old Miss Pierce. Suffice to say, Nina Dobrev is a goddess.

How brilliant was the episode’s final scene? After casually issuing an ultimatum to the Salvatore brothers, Elena snaps a poor waitress’ neck and casually walks away. It’s a genius move that gives the guys another reason (other than their infatuation) to continue on their save-Elena quest. After a muddled and unfocused season, it truly feels like The Vampire Diaries is back on track with these last few outings.

It was also wonderful to see Elijah again. I’m so used to Katherine manipulating all the brother duos on the show that I’d forgotten these two were originally in love. Daniel Gillies plays the role perfectly, and I especially love his dynamic with Elena and the sympathy he had for Jeremy’s loss. Now that he has the cure, I’m fascinated by the notion that it could actually work and who’ll be the one drinking it.

Again, the stuff with Klaus and Caroline I can do without. I still find myself bored to tears whenever these two are onscreen, although I was excited by the notion that Silas was disguised as Caroline. If only she always acted evil instead of whiny. Since Klaus is headed off to his spinoff soon, I see no reason to show any interest in his tedious machinations. Good riddance.

Bits & Bites

– Katherine compelled the “whole town”. Hilarious.

– Rebekah stabbing Katherine’s hand was a gruesomely cool moment.

– I was very amused by Elena ripping of Katherine’s accessories and shoes to complete her look.

– Katherine dunking Damon in the vervain aquarium before escaping was badass.

– Favorite moment of the hour: Katherine snapping Elena’s neck with the “sorry I got held up” line. No need to apologize my dear. That was outstanding.

Vampy Zingers

Katherine: Are you really that dumb or just naturally blonde?

Elena: I hate to say I told you so but duh.

Rebekah: I thought you were the smart brother.
Elijah: You don’t have a smart brother.

Rebekah: Why don’t you speak to one of these complications?
Elijah: Complication speaking.

An excellent hour from The Vampire Diaries in a newly invigorated season.

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