Revenge 2×18 – Masquerade

"You're right, it's just a seasonal trifle. Not unlike yourself."


I’ve always defended Revenge when critics were quick to call it a soap opera. Sadly, I feel I can no longer denounce that claim.

I don’t think the writers could have made this episode more melodramatic if they tried. The masquerade ball, the over-the-top music, unwanted pregnancies, the nun! That’s not to say the hour wasn’t entertaining – it was amusing in the disposable manner Revenge has grown so accustomed to this year. I’m just disappointed the show isn’t the epic (and extremely focused) concoction it was last year. It was such a breakout hit with a masterful debut season that it truly feels like the show’s in a sophomore slump (although the year has had some incredible moments and episodes).

Let’s start with Victoria’s baby. I don’t think anyone believed for a second that her son wasn’t alive. Thankfully the writers made the long-lost son arc sort of intriguing with the notion that the child was a product of rape thanks to Momma Vicky’s boyfriend. That’s an icky development to be sure, but it should prove compelling when Victoria eventually comes face-to-face with the bastard. Let’s hope they do a better job casting him than they did with Emily’s mom (what ever happened to that whackjob anyways?)

Emily was thankfully focused on her quest this week as she slowly unraveled Victoria’s mental state with the creepy RSVP and black roses. I admittedly enjoyed the final scene with Victoria visiting the nun followed by Emily arriving with her fake pregnancy proclamation. It’s such a soapy turn of events but it’s undeniably fun in a batshit crazy sort of way.

So Padma’s dead. I want to say I was ecstatic but she’s such a non-presence that the reveal barely registered a reaction from me. I did like the effect it had on Nolan though. Although it would have been infinitely more powerful if we were actually invested in his relationship with the mole (?), I enjoyed his scene with Emily as he broke down and she lovingly held him. Their dynamic frequently feels like the true heart of the show.

Ashley has always been useless, but it finally looks like the writers are going to give her something to juicy to chew on. I’m actually kind of excited to see her partner up with Jack! They could both stand to get more involved so things really implode by the time the finale rolls around. Speaking of Jack, I liked the parallels this week as he unsettled Conrad (just like Emily was doing with Victoria) by playing the blackmail audio into his ear during the debate.

Vengeful Bits

– I seriously cringed when Emily begged Victoria for an invite to the ball. Pathetic much Ems?

– Epic little moment with Aiden strangling Trask to death. But how will The Initiative threaten people now? Don’t they need a lackey we can latch on to? Hmm…

– How random and misplaced was the scene with Charlotte hitting the random girl at the party for badmouthing Amanda? Ugh this show.

– I almost laughed out loud when Victoria fainted. It was so darn cheesy and dramatic. I did love Emily’s victorious smile though.

– I felt bad for Emily when Aiden told her he was disgusted by her.

– So what’s up with Aiden’s dad?

– Is it wrong that I kind of wondered for a second if Emily was actually pregnant? She’s been sleeping with so many people lately, that it seemed kind of fitting of this nutso hour to pull out that card.

Devious Delights

Conrad: (to Victoria) I thought I knew all the skeletons in your closet by name.

Victoria: I try to keep the ghosts out but they always force their way back in.

Daniel: (to Victoria) I believe these are yours. Feel free to use one for each of your two faces.

I’m still watching but I need Revenge to rock again. This was a mediocre hour.

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  1. i thought that this episode was okay but it was too soapy however i did like the emily and nolan interaction. mike kelley did an interview like a few days ago about season 3 and he said that hes said that pretty much for the rest of this season hes going to wrap up all of the storylines that were open this year. and next season hes going to focus on emilys psychological self.

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