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Grey’s Anatomy 9×19 – Can’t Fight This Feeling

"I own the hospital. I can do whatever I want."


Shouldn’t Greys be stepping things up this late in the season?

Every once in a while, I connect to a patient-of-the-week, and Sarah Chalk was pretty magnificent here as a mother desperately trying to find answers for her son’s ailing condition. She seriously broke my heart and I loved the fact that Meredith felt for her when no one else did. She’s a mother too after all, and she understands instinct (not to mention the fact that she owns the damn hospital). The whole subplot proved to be extremely satisfying, especially when the Kawasaki Disease suggestion turned out to be accurate.

I’m not too sure what to make of Meredith visiting Bailey at the end with the hope of genetically studying her predisposition for Alzheimer’s. Where will the writers take this next? I have absolutely no idea.

I can’t believe I’m about to say this but I’m starting to like yet another intern: Brooks. She was quite amusing playing Derek’s slave and catching his things. The less said about annoying Ross however, the better. I hope he dies a tragic, painful, brutal death in the finale.

Bits & Scalpels

– Well here’s a visual delight Grey‘s hasn’t done before: a man on fire running outside the ER. Visually it was pretty cool and disturbing.

– I cringed when Karev brutally pushed the umbilical cord back into the mother.

– Researching symptoms on the internet to find the disease. Who can’t relate to that?

– Owen sure took great care of the kid. He’ll make an awesome dad I’m sure. Who else wants to see him and Christina as parents?

– Arizona and Callie were pretty disposable this week.

Must Download Tunes
Amsterdam by Daughter
The Storm by The Airborne Toxic Event

A forgettable albeit entertaining hour.

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  1. That was a great hour of Grey's… I love Sarah Chalke and the fact that she was the one who pitched the idea of the Kawasaki Disease to Grey's Anatomy after her son was diagnosed with the disease a couple of years ago and just like in the episode the doctors didn't know what was wrong and she had that gut feeling that something is.. I can only imagine what she felt reliving that moment…

    I still don't like any of the interns and couldn't care less about what happen to them, and for some reason Brooks' new haircut is irritating me :S

  2. As much as i love how this episode came to be, I thought the scenes with Chalke were so heavyhanded. It's like the writers threw their arms up every time they had to write her scenes and then called her and said “ok dictate”. Seriously, it felt so disjointed. I get that it's a cautionary tale and that what she went through is traumatic and if she hadn't done her own research her kid would have been severely impaired. Kawasaki is no joke. But I lost all sympathy for the entire storyline when it started smelling like a “very special” episode of glee or an afterschool special. Please don't dumb it down and please please pleaaaase stop going overboard with the dialogue.

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