Nikita 3×16 – Tipping Point

"Honey, I'm an expert in making people do things with a gun to their head."


Woah. I don’t know about the rest of you but that was one incredible twist.

Alex is the evil mastermind? Really? The writers did such an excellent job of distracting us with Michael’s hand adventures that I totally forgot Amanda obviously screwed with Alex’s brain (literally) and made little miss princess her puppet. It’s a genius turn of events and my jaw literally dropped the moment Alex shot Ryan. Obviously they wont kill off Mr. Fletcher. Right…? Nevertheless, that ending was outstanding with Maggie Q’s heartfelt speech (beautifully acted) as she sobbed into Michael’s newly-restored hand. Wonderful.

Speaking of Michael’s hand, I’m surprised he got it back so easily. I was sure he’d never actually succeed but I’m willing to let this monumental event slide seeing as how it’s the perfect building block for a new kind of antagonist: The Shop. I have to say I’m intrigued by this cutting-edge corporation (robot surgeons, robot cars) and what their plans are. I guess we have our new Big Bad for season four (Amanda can’t go on forever after all).

 Lyndsey Fonseca did some seriously stunning work this week. It truly felt like Alex had been transformed into a whole new being and I was creeped out by the references to her sex slave past. It makes perfect sense for Amanda to exploit that history and instil a savior complex in Alex with the obvious comparisons (the Division folk are similar to the girls in the brothels). This should be fascinating to watch.

Bits & Bullets

– I kind of liked Alex’s lackey Rachel. It’s good to put a face to the nameless Division workforce.

– Awesome moment with Nikki kicking the guy through the glass.

– Sean’s delayed scream after getting stabbed cracked me up. It felt like such a genuine reaction.

– How brilliant was the fight scene with Nikki sliding under the table and using the explosive? And I loved the doc warning her through the camera.

– Shane West was spectacular in the scene where he regained his hand. The joy and wonder were superbly captured.

Nikki Notables

Nikita: So what’s your perfect date-night?
Michael: Are you kidding? We’re on it – sneak & creepy into a high-security building run by a shadowy organization.

A twisted and marvelously engaging hour of Nikita.

Nad Rating

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  1. Woah love the Alex twist!! I was shocked when she shot Ryan and I'm very interested to see what's in stores for her next. The flashbacks to her slavery past were harrowing. Lyndsy is truly one of my favorite new actresses thanks to this show.

    And I'm surprised Michael got his hand back! I guess because I'm binging the show, it feels like he only just lost his yesterday lol (WHY DIDN'T I WATCH THIS 3 YEARS AGO?!) but still I'm very intrigued about The Shop now. I hope the show doesn't go too sci-fi on us, though.

    What a season!!

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