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Restaurant Review – CafeSho

Photography by Yasmine Sakr

A quaint little place in Monot, CafeSho is very easy to miss. The place is clean and cozy, with one very distinctive touch: the menu is written on the walls with chalk. Yes, that’s some creativity at work!


 The meal is off to a disappointing start. I recently discovered a fantastic pumpkin soup at Couqley, and I’m hoping CafeSho‘s will top it. Sadly the recipe is horrible. It’s rare that I don’t finish my plate but something about this soup is terribly off and unsatisfying. My friend tastes it (she’s a true chef) and mentions that it’s “too sweet”. Whatever it is, it’s definitely not working.


Thankfully, the rest of the meal is superb. We share some incredible summer rolls (a few with cooked salmon, and others with raw tuna). Both sets of appetizers are remarkably fresh and delicious. Of course I’m partial to sashimi so I would definitely recommend the tuna if you had to pick one. Both arrive in a beautifully-presented plate adorned with a variety of fresh fruit including kiwis and strawberries. The taste of the horrid pumpkin soup has already been wiped clean.


As a group, we’ve decided to be healthy tonight and since CafeSho is famous for their salads, I select the tuna mix. While the salad is sadly not raw, the dish is a delight and filled with all sorts of surprises: mushrooms, zucchini, peppers and pomelo to name a few. I seriously kept discovering new tidbits the further I went long (the salad is enormous). I also taste the beef yakitori from a friend and it’s splendid. Apparently they have a delicious ginger chicken (the focus is Asian fusion) so I’m already planning on sampling that the next time I visit.


Dessert is spectacular. My brother and I opt to share a Tarte Tatin and it’s magnificent. The caramelized apples and the luscious vanilla ice-cream blend into a euphoric flavor that’s truly one of the tastiest bookends to a meal I’ve had in a long time. I can’t recommend this treat enough.


Price: Around 40$ per person for shared appetizers, a salad, dessert and a glass of wine.
Service: Fine. The waiter was polite and helpful.
Must try: The Tarte Tatin (preceded by some tuna summer rolls)
Go with: Friends or family, they’d all enjoy this place.

Light and tasty, CafeSho is a highly recommended little spot in Monot.

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