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The Good Wife 4×19 – The Wheels Of Justice

"I like a lot of things about you Mrs. Florrick. I must have had issues as a child; you feed my Marry Poppins obsession."


I can’t tell you how much I love Collin Sweeney. He’s yet another epic Good Wife guest-star that just invigorates the show (not that it needs it) whenever he makes an appearance.

They even brought back Morena Baccarin as Isobel Swift. I swear to God this woman will be the death of me; she’s beyond hilarious in every sense of the word. Whose jaw didn’t drop when she responded “anal” in the middle of her testimony? Make her a regular cast member immediately people.

Diane had a great hour this week. I was fascinated by Kalinda investigating her past for the judgeship. How hysterical was Kalinda uncovering the Vampire Diaries fan-fiction which Diane realized was written by her housekeeper? Part of me was really hoping Diane was a secret TVD fan like the rest of us though. Plus, the return of Kurt rendered Diane even more vulnerable as she asked him to marry her (!). Yes, this one’s getting desperate people.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the developing romantic entanglements on the show. Both Alicia and Will found themselves lonely (and with a drink) at the end of the hour, and I’m curious to see if the writers really do intend on reuniting these two. Isn’t Alicia somewhat happy with Peter now? And how random was Laura ditching Will for an ex-boyfriend? Not that I’m sad, Amanda Peet was starting to irritate me.

Cases & Bits

– Who else felt bad for Carey as he walked into his tiny new office (seconds after Alicia got her luxurious space).

– How awesome was Sweeney asking Will about his “sexual” relationship with Laura? What a perv.

– Robin and the pizza cracked me up.

– Alicia’s sex dream as she transformed into Laura was too heavy handed.

– I like this judge. For once someone’s on Alicia’s side, bullying the ASA in the process.

– Perfect bookend to their love story: Isobel trying to give Sweeney her panties before he leaves for prison.

Good Lines

Sweeney: That’s why I love this place – everybody sleeps with everybody else.

Will: What were you doing there?
Isobel: Anal.

Sweeney: (to Will) I think your girlfriend’s gonna need some make-up sex.

Hilariously and thoroughly enjoyable, this was an excellent hour of The Good Wife.

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  1. I had a different take on the Laura thing and saw it as her making up a story to break up with Will for one of two reasons. Either (1) she strongly suspects that Will is not over Alicia and doesn't want to get into the middle of it or (2) she realized they were at the point where they were going to sleep together and she wasn't able to do that. Don't forget; when we met this woman, she had been raped.

    Vampire Diaries fanfic? I laughed out loud.

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