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Weekly Spots With Yaz

There’s a lot to see in Beirut. Here are my favorite picks of the week (one for every day). Now get out there and enjoy.

(Monday Night)
A cozy getaway in the narrow streets of Mar-Mkhayel.
The authenticity of their cuisine will take you on a gastronomic journey to Italy and back!


Al-Sultan Brahim
(Tuesday Lunch)
Although it’s a fish place, it doesn’t smell “fishy”.
And the crab-salad? Simply to die for.


(Wednesday Night)
Hip & trendy atmosphere with an international crowd.
Just name your drink and they’ll surely have it!


(Thursday Night)
Architecturally remarkable with an inside-out feel.
They offer the finest selection of gourmet food and premium drinks.


Momo at the Souks – Bar Area
(Friday Night)
For a funky night of beautiful people, groovy music, fun bites and signature cocktails, in a magically lit atmosphere.


St. Elmo’s Seaside Brasserie
(Saturday Afternoon)
Perfect for a feel-good afternoon by the seaside, with fun music, an entertaining meal, and pitchers of sangrias.


(Sunday Brunch)
For a culinary escape into a true taste-bud adventure, in the midst of an enchanting refurbished villa by the sea.


(Every day in-between)
Quick (and free) internet, Gloria Jean’s coffee, and healthy snacks.
What more could you ask for?



  1. They all sound wonderful! But right now what appeals to me most is the brunch spot! No one does brunch in Spain, it simply doesn't exist… I miss having the possibility to go to a great place for a fabulous brunch! :o)

  2. No brunch? How do you survive 😉 It's a wonderful little concoction. Although it does mess up the rest of my food cycle for the day. I never know when to eat next!

  3. If I do brunch then lunch will be later than usual (as in 15h30 instead of 14h30), and I'll probably just do the two meals!
    It's definitely my favourite meal! ;o)

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