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Grey’s Anatomy 9×20 – She’s Killing Me

"They say the truth will set you free. What the hell do they know? The truth is horrible. Frightening. The truth is more than you can bear."


The concept of mortality was quite unsettling in this one, particularly with the discovery of Meredith’s Alzheimers gene. The development made the episode somewhat hard to watch, but fitting of the subject matter. I love how it gave us further insight into Christina and Meredith’s relationship that’s still fascinating after nine seasons. It’s especially commendable that the show doesn’t take sides when Christina says she doesn’t want to be a mom to Zola. It’s harsh, but it’s what she wants, and we have to accept that as viewers and understand why Mer doesn’t take it personally. However, the writers keep painting Owen as the perfect dad (while taking care of the kid). Where is this going writer? You can’t possible have Christina change her mind; it would be a disservice to the character after all these years.

The Syrian doctors were an awesome addition to the hour. The topic is very relevant today, and it provided the gang with an opportunity to exhibit their resourcefulness in coming up with new techniques. How annoying was April through, stealing at the end? I wish it’s because she genuinely wanted to help. Instead it felt like a brat acting out.

The ending with Bailey surrounded by the gang and being ordered to sit down was incredible. I felt like a twist was coming but I thought Bailey being the source of the infection was too obvious, so it still sort of blindsided me at the end. I’m extremely curious to discover what’s going on here so this was a pretty effective cliffhanger for the show’s final hiatus of the year. Looks like it’s going to be one tragic finale in the hospital (as always). And truly I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Bits & Scalpels

– I liked Murphy this week. Especially when it looked like she was going to get fired.

– No lights, tools or anesthesia. These little reveals were executed perfectly.

– Kepner bonding with the Syrian doc over wooing woman was hilarious.

– Did anyone else enjoy Matthew’s disappointed reaction in April after she revealed she wasn’t a virgin? I’m evil I know.

– Christina casually throwing the patient’s lifeless hand after Mer asked if he was conscious made me laugh.

– Cool full-circle observation: Bailey began the hour by giving bad news, and ended with her on the receiving end of it.

Grey Banter

Murphy: It looks infected.
Bailey: Maybe you dropped a pizza crust into her wound.

Derek: We have survived an unusual number of bad things.

Christina: Mer, you had me at lethal injection.

A riveting hour of Grey’s Anatomy.

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