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Dubai Round-Up Part Two

Another Dubai weekend, another set of mini-reviews of all the spots I paid a visit to. You can read Part One (from my November Trip) here.

Baker & Spice
Seriously could this place have a cooler name? I was quite impressed by the quality breakfast we shared including some utterly scrumptious blueberry pancakes, a tasty muffin of the day, delicious french toast, and top-notch scrambled eggs. But the portions? Much too small. A pity, because this is one place that’s filled with flavor.
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The fried calamari and french fries were the perfect appetizers for this binge-fest. A ravioli with wild mushrooms and truffle oil was a particular highlight. However, the Diavola pizza was somewhat of a disappointment. It felt much too greasy and unsatisfying.
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Siddharta Lounge
With an intriguing amphitheater backdrop, this place is a stunner. However my back was suitably destroyed by the uncomfortable seating and random pillows. A glass of white wine and great company did manage to drown my sorrows though.
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Eau Zone
Stir fry noodles at the beach? Really? Who would have thought such a steaming hot dish would be a good main course in the blistering sun? It was fine taste-wise but just so very odd as a concept. Succulent bread though.
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Jetty Lounge
This place is phenomenal. I had an excellent Mojito that epically complimented the gorgeous sunset view and laid-back atmosphere. I have no doubt I’ll be visiting this place countless more times in the future. Simply magnificent.
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I was sure the hype would be the end of this place. I’m pleased to report that Zuma surpassed all of my expectations with flying colors. I’m obsessed with unagi (eel for the uninitiated) and the single best unagi nigiri I’ve ever had was here. It just had the perfect hot/smelly fish quotient. In addition, the incredible Black Cod lived up to its iconic reputation (as compared to the overrated one at Beirut’s Kampai). This place is a true standout.
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Shake Shack
Although Shake Shack is opening soon in Beirut, I stumbled onto it in Dubai and had to try it. You see I lived right next to it throughout my year in Manhattan and never once did I sample it (we can thank the long queues for that). Suffice to say, I deeply regret that because this was just fantastic. The burger is small and drenched in mayo, but it’s pretty outstanding. In addition, the fries are amusingly different and addictive. Bring it on Beirut.
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Another tasty trip with two marvelous highlights (Jetty Lounge and Zuma). Dubai you’re just full of surprises.

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