Nikita 3×17 – Masks

"How do you like my new lair?"


Division’s a mess and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This hour had a real season finale vibe to it with everything escalating and pretty much going to hell. The fact that we’ve got quite a few episodes left means we’re bound to have an epic run of episodes.

First off, how awesome is Evil Owen? Devon Sawa hasn’t had much to do this year so to have him own the screen in such a demented yet hilariously sarcastic way was fantastic. Sawa seriously gave his strongest performance yet on the show and I do hope they stick with this Owen for a while. He makes an outstanding baddie and I loved the revelation that he wasn’t such a good guy in his past either (running the drug ring within the army and all).

Amanda was quite the supervillain this week. Not only did she induce the return of Sam Matthews, she finally revealed the true scope of her plans which began with the abduction of Alex a few weeks back. Although it was a bit too villain-y in spelling out her plans to Nikita like a run-of-the-mill Bond villain, it still felt very in-character to gloat her brilliance over her enemies. So, I’ll let this little tidbit slide because her plot to tap into Alex’s savior complex was pretty darn amazing. Plus, we got even more insight into Amanda’s psyche as we discovered she genuinely believes she’s “fixing” people. Now can we please get some more details on her past?

The mutiny in Division while a tad too sudden for my taste, is a fascinating development. Who here ever believed Alex could control her brewing rebel army? While Rachel has gotten irritating within the span of one week, this turn of events should prove mighty entertaining particularly now that Michael is captive and Sean, Owen and Alex are trapped inside.

And of course as always, Nikita pulled off an incredible ending with Division being overrun and Owen’s final call to Amanda who tells him he’s on his own before proudly proclaiming to Nikita: “And so it begins”. Goosebumps I tell you. Let’s hope the season doesn’t peak next week because this year has the potential to truly blow our socks off.

Bits & Bullets

– Epic moment with Owen shooting Scotty and knocking out Nikita.

– Who hasn’t missed Amanda’s creepy nostril-invasive chair?

– At least Sean was alert enough to notice Alex’s abnormal behavior lately.

– Maggie Q did a great job of showing sadness when she discovered Owen was a delusion. This woman is severely underrated.

– Who else got shades of Percy when Michael was interrogating Rachel? He just felt really evil.

– I love how Nikita used Alex to destroy Division from the inside in season one, and Amanda is doing the same to greater effect this year. “Parallels anyone?”

– Owen and Michael’s all-out brawl was BADASS. Thankfully Michael’s hand is still a liability. There ain’t no magical healing on this show.

Nikki Notables

Operator: How may I assist you?
Owen: You can shut up, I’m talking to the bitch who’s tapping this phone.

Operative: He’s clean.
Owen: (To Amanda) And you’re stupid.

Owen: I had a thought.
Birkhoff: That’s a new one.

Nikita: (to Amanda) Did someone fix you? Or was the problem that you were too broken for anyone to even bother?

An incredible hour of Nikita in a marvelous season.

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  1. I keep waiting for this show to stumble or flounder under its own weight this season but nopeee! It keeps getting better and better. I just can't believe how many developments we had in this ONE episode alone.

    “- I love how Nikita used Alex to destroy Division from the inside in season one, and Amanda is doing the same to greater effect this year. “Parallels anyone?”
    Wowww so trueee! What a brilliant detail. And I love that Amanda actually says that line. I love me some meta moments!

    And what a goosebumps-worthy, pump-inducing ending. “So it begins”. Ahhhh I love when Amanda and Nikita are in the same room together. The show immediately goes from great to amazing.

    This season is a true masterpiece. I can't believe we're still 4 episodes away from the finale!

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