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The Good Wife 4×20 – Rape: A Modern Perspective

"We've watched you climb; you've arrived. This is the top. This room, that desk, you can either stay or slide back down."


Much like Alicia’s reaction throughout the hour, this episode just made me feel dirty. It wasn’t only the subject matter; I didn’t feel this hour was as effective as it could have been.

The rape case wasn’t one of the show’s strongest legal matters. It was clear from the start that Todd was guilty, and the show didn’t even try to raise any doubts concerning that. So what revelation did that leave us with? That Twitter can mess up a court-case in this day and age? The entire storyline just felt sloppy and unsatisfying. And the less said about the annoying Jason Biggs (who returned this week) the better. The Good Wife is frequently exceptional in hiring the perfect guest-star for a particular role. However, I can not commend the show for this casting choice.

More effective was Carey’s quest to ditch Lockhart/Gardner with the other fourth year associates. I’ve said it before but this is a truly exciting development and I pray Alicia tags along with him. As young Agos so explicitly stated this week, Alicia and him are “the new Will and Diane.” The mind boggles at the awesome possibilities of the two pairs facing off on a weekly basis next season.

Of course all of this won’t materialize if Diane ditches Will and becomes a Supreme Court Justice. I was fascinated by her conversation with Chief Justice Ryvlan who called Will a scumbag and urged her to see him for what he really was. Are Diane’s ambitions powerful enough to woo her to the dark side and cause her to betray her friend? That’s a pretty compelling moral quandary as we head into the finale.

Cases & Bits

– I was admittedly disturbed by Zach and Grace receiving creepy evidence footage and snapshots.

– I loved Alicia apologizing to a praying Grace for being a bad mom. Was it because her feelings for Will are getting too much? Or she was feeling guilty for her work interfering with the lives of her kids? Probably both.

– Blink and you’ll miss it: Alicia checking out Will’s lips move in slow motion.

– David Lee never ceases to amuse. He was particularly vindictive this week as he attacked Diane in the board meeting for putting her own interest above the firm’s.

– The mask people were just… bizarre.

– I’m really growing to love Robin who made up a story about shooting her brother because she has a boring past. She’s much more entertaining than Kalinda.

– What was up with that ending with Alicia shivering after their win? Looks like she’s really had enough of Lockart/Gardner.

While it had some intriguing tidbits, this wasn’t the greatest hour of The Good Wife.

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  1. I liked this one better than you did, I think. I loved the misdirect of the leak and the revelation of it at the end. I was surprised, and that doesn't happen often.

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