Nikita 3×19 – Self-Destruct

"Nikki is good at inspiring stupid people to do really stupid things."


Although I love Nikita, part of me kind of hopes this is the show’s last season. I felt the same way last year when the story was coming to its natural end with Division being brought down. However the show came back and unlike many fans, I adored this season and thought it was a genuine success from a creative standpoint. However, now that Amanda will undoubtedly be dispatched by the finale, I don’t really see the need for the show to continue past this season (look at how Prison Break was stretched thin, and how Revenge is suffering a similar fate). Still, I’m ready to bite my words by the time I see the setup for next year, as the show’s exceptional writers and talented cast have earned my faith.

This episode rightly returned focus to Nikita and Alex, the show’s core couple. This was a sorely needed move before the finale and Lyndsey Fonseca did a superb job. First she went on a brutal rampage (with a touch of adorable glee I might add) as she infiltrated different drug dens in her quest to save trafficked girls. And then we finally got to witness a much-needed talk between her and Nikita over her little existential crises (she doesn’t understand why she keeps getting to live). But the storyline was missing something; I wanted them to dig deeper and explore Alex’s psyche further. It felt like they only grazed the surface of the real material here so I think this was a missed opportunity.

What fascinated me most about this episode was the notion that Amanda did indeed have a positive effect on Nikita. She pulled her out of a destructive cycle after Daniel’s death, and helped her move past the guilt. Nikita would probably never admit it, but our favorite baddie played a huge role in turning her into the asskicker and heroine she is today. Naturally, Nikita used the wisdom she gained from Amanda to help Alex move past her demons. Now I’m not sure how else they could have done it, but Alex got over the brainwashing a tad too easily.

On another note, Ryan’s back! I have to say his plan to blow up Division and turn himself in for the cover story was a pretty smart solution, and I have a feeling we’ll still see that come to fruition. I’m also glad he admitted that he was guilty for believing in Division’s potential, as Mr. Fletcher was effectively turning into Percy 2.0.

Bits & Bullets

– What a wonderful opening moment with Nikki running to a just-woken Ryan.

– I laughed when Nikki swiftly punched Michael across the face in the flashback.

– Amazing continuity reference: Michael mentioning that he killed the President of Belarus and replaced him with a double.

– Who else really missed Amanda’s sessions? The music, the tea, the elegance of it all. Melinda Clarke pulls off these sequences so well.

– The hookers saving Alex and Nikita was a hilarious moment in an otherwise grim hour.

– Alex hugging Michael warmed my heart.

– It’s scary to think that Amanda got to Nikki with that apparatus of hers. I guess we’ll find out what she did soon enough.

– Did anyone else flash back to Buffy‘s final season when Nikita gave that end-speech? (I don’t know if we’ll win but I’m ready to fight). It was a tad clunky, but still pretty exciting.

Nikki Notables

Sonya: I know the medic said there was no sign of brain damage but perhaps she spoke too soon?
Ryan: My brain is fine. So is my hearing.

Cop: If you didn’t have that gun you wouldn’t be so –
Nikita: (knocks him out) I’m sorry what?

Michael:(to Ryan) Don’t blow up anything until I get back here or I’ll hunt you down myself.

It had some intriguing moments but I can’t shake the feeling that this episode could have been stronger.

Nad Rating


  1. Hey anonymous,
    I won't be posting on Doux Reviews anymore so keep dropping by here and commenting if you want to continue reading my reviews ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Oh, it`s sad to hear that you cut ties with Doux reviews (too) (or the other way around). I also enjoyed your comments there. It was always nice that you commented back on the comments to your reviews.

  3. Loved when the hookers saved Nikki and Alex. I liked that they stopped being damsels in distress and brought the fight back to the baddies. However I couldn't shake the mental image of Ewoks attacking stormtroopers.

  4. Definitely a missed opportunity here! Agreed with everything you said from the fact that the Alex/Nikita conversation felt like it was missing something to how easily Alex went back to being normal.

    The best thing about this episode was definitely that one flashback to Nikita during one of Amanda's sessions. I'm gonna miss those sooo much! I'm already desperately looking for another spy show to binge after this because I have a feeling I'm gonna go through withdrawal!

    “the show came back and unlike many fans, I adored this season” WHAAATT?? Some people ACTUALLY didn't like this season? By far, one of the best seasons of television I've seen in years! If the finale impresses me (and I have a feeling it will), I can honestly consider this season as amazing as some of those all-time best we always talk about: Alias season 2, Scandal season 2, Arrow season 2… It boggles my mind that this wasn't as well-received as the last two.

    Amanda actually helping Nikita grieve over Daniel is incredible and the whole time the episode kept mentioning him, I thought to myself “hmmm they're about to give us a Daniel-is-back-from-the-dead twist, aren't they?” Can I just say how much of a relief it is that they DIDN'T do that?

    And finally:
    – Did anyone else flash back to Buffy's final season when Nikita gave that end-speech? (I don't know if we'll win but I'm ready to fight). It was a tad clunky, but still pretty exciting.
    Oohhh so true, did not catch that! I really love the cliffhangers on this show. The rousing music always gets me so pumped up!

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