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Grey’s Anatomy 9×21 – Sleeping Monster

"We have been friends for a long time. Want to know how? By not watching each other poop."


Well that was over quickly.

I was sure Bailey’s whole infection storyline would run through towards the finale and whatever catastrophe Shonda Rhimes has in store for us next. However the writers resolved things pretty quickly although the aftermath is bound to resonate. I must say Chandra Wilson was superb this week (no surprise there). Her interrogation at the hands of the CDC was particularly engrossing, as Bailey slowly tried to recount her scrubbing protocols and surgery techniques. While the glove resolution kind of came out of nowhere, the storyline culminated in spectacular fashion as Bailey ripped Webber into pieces for not standing by her after everything she’d done for him (defending him against Adele and his alcoholism). I guess the finale’s going to have quite a bit of fireworks where these two are concerned.

This was also a significant hour for Miss Christina Yang. While she got to playfully abuse Meredith for her delivery room request, she also came to the realization that she was “losing Owen”. I like how this development slowly creeped into the proceedings instead of being hammered onto the audience’s head. We’ve been watching Owen warm up to Ethan for a while now, and knowing his paternal instincts, it’s not a stretch to expect him to want to adopt the little guy soon. How will Christina feel about that? She’s made it clear that she never wants to have kids, but will adoption be the loophole to make both of them happy? Hmm…

It’s worth noting that Christina actually made me like Alex this week. It’s no secret that I’m not really a fan of the guy (hold your horses girls), but their final scene on the bed was excellent and reminiscent of Meredith and Christina’s friendship. Now that Alex has finally admitted to himself that he’s in love with Jo,  let’s hope the show doesn’t take the predictable route in getting them together.

Bits & Scalpels

– The cooler full of fingers is certainly something Greys hasn’t done before (and one of them being a turkey-dog was particularly amusing).

– How funny was Al bringing everyone a tray of fries as their fingers were being reattached?

– Bailey scrubs to the length of “Think” by Aretha Franklin. Great song.

– Loved Christina breathing with Ethan’s mom. The irony here is that she doesn’t want to be in the delivery room with Meredith, yet she’s more than capable of calmly urging a nervous mother to “breathe”.

– The bratty journalist patient proved to be mildly amusing as she tried to uncover the Bailey scandal.

– Ethan’s mom dying was a pretty heartbreaking turn.

– The poop on the table joke got old very quickly.

Must Download Tunes
Broken by Jake Bugg
Say Anything by Anderson East & Jill Andrews

A solid and intriguing hour of Grey’s Anatomy.

Nad Rating


  1. Bailey and Webber's final scene was indeed an intense one! I also loved Avery and April's scene however I am totally uninterested in April's story with that other cute guy.

    P.S: I like Alex (even though he is mostly shown as a total d-bag) but I remembered you while watching that last scene with Christina and Alex since you made it clear in previous reviews that you weren't his biggest fan.. I said to myself I am sure that this will make you like Alex more!

  2. Bailey's speech to Richard at the end of the episode was superbly written and executed. I loved it.

    I also find myself strangely invested in April and Jackson's storyline. They have a little bit of a Mark and Lexie thing going on with the will they won't they / they're meant to be together why can't they see it.

    As for Meredith and the pooping… wasn't amused at all.

    I wonder if Owen can actually adopt the kid? He has a grandma? I think they'll keep his dad in a coma, get Owen to somehow take custody of the kid and rock Owen's world when daddy dearest wakes up (after Owen has lost Christina and invested in this child). Awkward.

  3. Haha Tagouga that final scene was really great! You know me well as it seriously made me like him more!

    As for April, you're totally right. The proof is that I didn't even mention her in my review. She's THAT Forgettable!

  4. Hahaha Tala it looks like you've planned Owen and Christina's arc for the final three episodes down to every detail 😛 Very soapy and very possible – just throw in a flood or meteor crash somewhere (since it IS a Shonda finale after all)

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