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"Lock everyone in the basement... and burn it all down."


Let’s get one thing straight: I absolutely adore Annie Wersching. She starred on 24 in its final two seasons and she was simply phenomenal. So why writers, would you bring her on as a guest-star only to kill her off so swiftly in the span of one episode? And how soapy was that reveal of Monroe fathering her child just before she got shot dead? I’m undoubtedly intrigued to see where this will all go, but I really didn’t approve of the decision to eliminate her so quickly. And if they had to kill her, couldn’t Charlie have been the one to do it? It would have added some compelling tension to the Miles-Charlie dynamic as opposed to a random operative pulling the trigger. In addition, the flashbacks with the young trio were much too sloppy and imbued the hour with a disjointed feel. Too bad.

The Aaron stuff wasn’t particularly impressive either. After running into Priscilla being held captive by a bounty hunter, he discovers that she rebuilt her life with a new family but soon found herself being charged for murder after killing a pedophilic Sargent. That’s all fine and dandy, but how did seeing her give Rachel and Aaron any forward momentum? The latter got to confront his cowardice and save his wife, but that’s pretty much it. He’s still barely passable as a character. And Rachel my dear, step it up; you’re starting to rival Nora as the most useless cast-member on the show.

Nevertheless, I was still entertained by this episode as I find myself quite invested in its world. The epic ending gained a lot of goodwill as President Kelly revealed her secret weapon: Tom Neville, whom she plans on sending to work under Miles. That’s an outstanding development, as I never imagined him joining the good guy’s team so soon in the show’s run. Very promising things here…

Revolutionary Bits

– Quite the impressive teaser with the war-zone aftermath.

– Rachel’s hair was curly in one scene and straight the next. Very distracting.

– Charlie has become such a badass, and has thankfully taken a backseat to Miles as the lead protagonist. I definitely agree with this decision.

– So Miles was engaged to Emma. This should suitably send him over the edge.

– Who’s Monroe’s son? Have we met him?

– Nice symmetry at the end there with Monroe a crying mess while Miles more determined than ever to raise some hell.

Dystopic Digs

Aaron: Maybe I can help.
Rachel: You can get supplies.
Aaron: Right… two doctorates from MIT, but I’ll go shopping. Super.

A tad too soapy for my taste, but I’m still hopeful the debut season of Revolution will go out on top.

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