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The Good Wife 4×22 – What’s In The Box?

"I can't figure my way out of this one".


Although I’m usually an avid supporter of explosive (and tragic) finales, I gotta say I quite loved this strangely humorous season-ender. It did an excellent job of wrapping up Alicia’s story after a tumultuous year that saw her rocky ascension to partner status, in addition to the various political and personal oddities that constantly plague her life. The episode’s final sequence magnificently showcased Alicia’s renewed commitment to her career and personal well-being instead of her romantic entanglements. The writers pulled off a somewhat effective misdirection with Carey arriving at her doorstep instead of the obvious choice (Will). I’ve been praying for this moment all year long and I’m utterly ecstatic that Alicia will be jumping ship and ditching Lockhart/Gardner. Our favorite Florrick didn’t pick Will and she didn’t pick her husband; she picked herself, and that turning point is exactly what the show is yearning for in its fifth season.

In true Good Wife fashion, the show brought back one of its most iconic guest-stars: Martha Plimpton as the hilarious Patty Nyholm. We last saw this crazy character in the season three finale, so imagine my delight when she popped up on my screen with her babies in tow. Plimpton is a national treasure, and I love that the writers appreciate the unique touch she brings to the show. The final case of the year with the ripped ballot-box seal was quite compelling and I loved the twist with the votes turning out to being Peter’s. It effectively turned the tables on Lockhart/Gardner, forcing everyone to switch sides in the midst of the proceedings. Truly entertaining beyond belief.

So let’s recap how next year’s landscape looks like: Alicia and Carey will be heading up their own firm, Peter as the Governor of Illinois, Diane as the Supreme Court Justice, and Will is left to fend for himself at Lockhart/Gardner with none other than David Lee. And let’s not forget that Collin Sweeney owns Alicia and Carey’s building, so that’s bound to lead to a ton of epic guest appearances. Yup, season five just might be The Good Wife’s best year yet.

As enjoyable as this finale was, I won’t say it was perfect. I’m too used to finales being epic thrill-rides that this felt somewhat subdued. Still, it did such a great job of respecting the characters (particularly Alicia) that it would be foolish of me to criticize the show for not pulling off a wacky case or random plot twist. It all felt very organic and true to the spirit of the show, and for that, it was a pretty admirable finale.

Cases & Bits

– For once, The Good Wife succeeded in integrating one of Alicia’s kids into the main plot in a convincing manner. I loved Zack witnessing the ballot seal scandal firsthand. And Alicia questioning him? Well that was just funny, particularly how the “just be honest” line provided Patty with some fresh ammunition.

– How amusing was Judge Abernathy and his constant walking around because of his Sciatica?

– My heart broke when Will started verbally abusing Nana on the witness stand and she began sobbing.

– I wish they didn’t bring back T.R. Knight as Jordan. Casting him was one of the show’s biggest misfires this year.

– The “in-my-opinion” Judge is back! Ana Gasteyer is marvelous on Suburgatory so no complaints here.

– We’re pretty sure Diane caught the Alicia & Will car-kiss right? Great scene though.

– Alicia’s reaction to “Hostel 3” and Eli’s surprising love of horror movies was priceless.

– So will Robin be joining Alicia and Carey? Because Kalinda told her to do so, and I love the idea.

– Will and Peter’s scene discussing the explosive video Kalinda found was terrific. Josh Charles and Chris Noth work so well together.

– The Christian-Jackie storyline was a typically disposable Good Wife subplot. So Peter paid him off, but Christian has no intentions of going anywhere (and Jackie wouldn’t want him to as evidenced by her threat at the end). Meh.

– Loved Alicia making her way through Peter’s celebratory crowd. You could literally see the spectrum of feelings running through Margulies’ face. She’s exceptional.

– Outstanding touch: Alicia folding some laundry and listening to Matthew Ashbaugh’s music (Bach) from “Death Of A Client” a few weeks back. Liberating isn’t it?

– “I’m in.” ‘Nuff said.

Good Lines

Will: Good luck crossing Grandma Moses.

Christian: I’ve had enough water for a lifetime.
Eli: Right coming over from Cuba.
Christian: No working as a lifeguard.
Eli: Right.

Will: Is this a new one?
Patty: I don’t know, I’ve lost track.

Peter: You’ve really handled this poorly.
Will: That’s possible.
Peter: She’s my wife.
Will: Then punch me.

Must Download Tune
Lumina by Joan Osborne

An excellent finale that’s just short of brilliant.

Nad Rating


  1. Great review as always. I especially like your point about Alicia picking herself over the men in her life. It's long overdue.

    Thank you again for getting me into this show. It has become one of my favorites and, like you, I am looking forward to next year. I love the various machinations that will be in play and I love the fact the story keeps moving forward.

    Great year of reviews, Nadim. Congratulations.

  2. Thanks Chris. Glad you've enjoyed the reviews and I'm SO glad you gave the show a shot and loved it! The dynamics and nuances at play are still unlike anything else on TV.

  3. IN MY OPINION judge is back! Freakin' LOVE her!

    That scene of Alicia making her way through the crowd is a thing of beauty. Everything about her facial expressions was just marvelous to watch. This is the episode where I realized Alicia is one of my all-time favorite characters on television ever.

    I can't wait for season 5! Alicia/Carey going against Will/Lockhart should be so intriguing! And with Sweeney in the picture, the possibilities are literally endless! Loving these reviews, thank you so much for getting me into this show as well Nad 😀

  4. Woohoo can't tell you how happy I am that you love it and that you are finally at season five! keep those comments coming 😀

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