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Grey’s Anatomy 9×22 – Do You Believe In Magic

"Oh what is that, the soundtrack of your mopey life? You gotta get over that hairball."


For what seems like the zillionth episode, Chanda Wilson continues to deliver spectacular work as Bailey’s world crumbles around her. This week, Bailey confined herself to a laboratory and obsessively carried out tests on herself because she felt “dirty”. The fallout from the infection and its causalities has been quite compelling, and it was heartwarming to watch Ben get through to his wife after the entire gang failed to do so. Bailey’s final breakdown was extremely touching and further cemented her as one of my favorite characters on the show.

An interesting guest-star came on board this wee: Hilarie Burton who played the iconic Peyton on One Tree Hill. I hated her on that show but she was fine here as the gorgeous and charismatic new cranial specialist. While Arizona fell for her a bit too quickly (it seemed out-of-character), it’s interesting to note that our new doc didn’t back off after Stevens said she was married. Hmm, guess we’re gonna have a problem on our hands here.

I love that Greys can still surprise me; I really didn’t see the ending with Joe’s bruised and battered face coming. I’m interested to see if Alex is just going beat Jason up (and that would be the end of the storyline) or if Shonda has something unexpected planned. I’m leaning towards the latter.

However on the predictable front, it seems that Ethan’s grandmother won’t be able to take care of him particularly after his bout with the sleeping pills. All signs point to Owen adopting him. But how will Christina deal with this predicament? That’s one thing I’m dying to see.

Bits & Scalpels

– The magic trick (chainsaw in half) injury was immensley horrifying. I didn’t really care about the twist with the assistants beings in love.

– The drunk girls were hilarious though with their texting and picture-taking. Not to mention flirting with Avery (my breasts are sick).

– The baby with the brain hanging on its forehead was really tough to look at.

– Loved Christina’s hilarious monologue as she asked/answered questions herself while telling Stephanie not to answer back.

– The sight of the docs waiting outside the bathroom for Bailey was very amusing.

– Ethan’s grandma really broke my heart with her sobbing.

Grey Banter

Christina: So Im right, right?
Stephanie: Right.
Christina: I’m not asking you.

Avery: Nice work. Think you got through to Doctor Dumbass and Senator Skank.

Must Download Tunes
Uneven Odds by Sleeping At Last
Rust Or Gold by Jill Andrews
New York by The Boxer Rebellion

Nothing groundbreaking here, but an enjoyable set-up for the finale.

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