Nikita 3×20 – High-Value Target

"Sweetheart, it's a war. People die, you shake it off and move on."


I’m so impressed by the fact that Nikita keeps defying my expectations this year.

I was sure that Division wouldn’t get stormed by the Navy SEAL team before the end of the year, but the show shockingly went along with that development two episodes before the finale. I have absolutely no idea where we’ll go next and that’s a thrilling prospect to behold.

Sam continues to be one heck of an awesome villain. I loved watching him try to sell the Black Box to various intelligence agencies, all while having Amanda chained to the bed in his hotel room. Naturally, little tidbits from Owen began resurfacing by the end of the hour but I do hope we never completely lose Sam who’s a total badass and a hilarious hoot to watch in every way. Thankfully, the last of those pesky Black Boxes is gone. Good riddance.

Interestingly enough, The Shop is back in town! Ever since their cutting-edge technology returned Michael’s hand, I was sure that this sinister organization was being positioned as season four’s Big Bad. I’m very curious to see what their plans are, particularly since they include Amanda (and making sure Nikita and Michael are alive). Obviously Mandy won’t survive past the finale and they’ll step in as the primary antagonists of the show next year. But you can never really tell with Nikita so I’m definitely intrigued.

Bits & Bullets

– Cyrus is back. Woohoo I’ve been waiting for this since his introduction in Sideswipe. Isaiah Mustafa is perfect in the role.

– Alex using the Udinov money to help a broke Division was a pretty organic way to get her to atone for her sins. $200 million don’t come cheap.

– The President kind of annoys me, but I did love Nikki meeting her face-to-face to get into the reception.

– How great was the callback to Nikita’s pilot mission in that red bikini? And the fact that her target’s brother recognized her at the G20 because she was wearing red yet again? Awesome.

– Great little touch with Nikita refusing to call Owen “Sam” (unlike Michael).

– I enjoyed the little scene with Alex trying to get through to Sam. I’m sure they’ll be more than platonic next year (it’s obviously too soon).

– Loved Amanda’s escape with the badass music as she strutted through the halls. No one can contain this woman for long.

– Coolest moment of the year nominee: Nikita and Michael in the shower, pretending they’re having an affair with Amanda’s chains on the bed.

– Amanda played Sam with a Nietzche quote. How fitting.

– I practically cheered for Sonia when she released the gas and helped the gang escape.

– Ryan’s speech to Vasquez was a great towering moment for the character. And I loved the little shot of Birkhoff and Sonya holding hands.

– “Division is Dead” champagne. Yummy.

Nikki Notables

Ryan: How could I not see this?
Birkhoff: Well you did just wake up from a coma.

Sam: Once I told him that “best weapon against an enemy” quote you told me, he was all in.
Amanda: Well the Germans love their Nietzsche.

Amanda: Well I hate hyperbole, but I think it’s safe to say that our relationship could change the world.

A brilliant lead-up to the finale. Only two episodes to go.

Nad Rating


  1. Since there will probably be no time jump if there is a next season it would be absolutely disappointing if they invent an Olex romance. Both have too many problems and feel still too guilty to have a new romance. I would hate that story since it would seem like a cheap CW move to have a happy ending for all the major characters at the end of a series. Nikita is better than that.

    The shower scene was absolutely predictable and silly. But I understand why the writers did write that scene that way.

    Loved to see Cyrus back. But I don`t get it with the flashback. Michael debriefed her after the mission but wasn`t that a mission Nikita already did as a rogue agent?

  2. I just love this show so so much. It's one of the most entertaining and satisfying things I've ever seen and it continues to surprise me and defy my expectations. Every. Single. Episode.

    This one had it all: Michael and Nikita in the hotel shower (HILARIOUS btw), Owen/Sam being amusingly devilish, Amanda tricking EVERYONE as always (tricking Owen was particularly brilliant), the Navy SEALS arriving at Division to wipe it clean and finally that beautiful and heartwarming champagne scene. This was one of the few times I wish the show hadn't resorted to a cliffhanger with the reveal that Amanda is working for/with The Shop, but still very exciting.

    But this was undoubtedly Ryan's hour. The guy was incredible as he kept stalling the SEALS while waiting for Nikita to get the final black box (thank god that's over). And his final speech to Vasquez about him being more than a low-level analyst was chilling and so powerful! How can this show make every single character so darn likable??

    Loved the callback to the pilot! Incredible! And Cyrus is back woohooo. Seems awfully weird that he's back for the final 3 episodes of the season but why not, the more the merrier!

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