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The Vampire Diaries 4×21 – She’s Come Undone

"All that pain and torture, I've worked up quite a thirst."


This hour was filled with the kind of fake-deaths that TVD has grown so accustomed to pulling off on a weekly basis. And yet as frustrating as it was, I really enjoyed this episode.

I need to get one thing off my chest: The Salvatore Brothers piss me off. Wasn’t Damon the one who asked Elena to turn her humanity off? Now he and his brother are basically torturing her to restore it! It’s aggravating and further speaks to how controlling and possessive Damon and Stefan have become this year, consistently trying to rob Elena of her own free-will. I do hope she decides to pick herself by the finale, and move past these two nitwits once and for all.

Much like she wowed us all after Jeremy’s death, Nina Dobrev was exceptional this week as all her feelings came rushing back. Dobrev is extremely underrated (I judge her too harshly myself sometimes) but she continues pull off her poignant emotional beats like a pro. In addition, I liked Elena reaching a single-minded focus in the episode’s final moments: she wants to kill the source of all her troubles, Katherine. I’ve always felt like Katherine sort of dropped out of the show’s main arc after Klaus’ introduction, which is a pity as she was a stronger antagonist and made season two the show’s best. Here’s hoping they don’t kill her off anytime soon and she retains her status as the show’s primary Big Bad.

Silas on the other hand? His transformations are admittedly cool (I was actually scared for Caroline as her terrorized her through Klaus and Matt) but we’re not emotionally invested in him in the slightest. They’ve barely even showed us his face! We’ll see if they can rectify this next week before the finale.

This episode had one magnificent standout sequence: Caroline crying over her mom’s dead body. It’s been a while since I loved Candice Accola but she was certifiably breathtaking here. Although I kind of wanted them to kill off Liz because this episode had too many fake-outs, I loved how Caroline gave her mother an injection of her own blood (like an adrenaline shot). It was a powerful and beautifully-constructed sequence that felt very satisfying to watch.

Bits & Bites

– Oh Bonnie. How in the hell do you manage to be so annoying? Do you want to drop the veil, or do you have an ulterior motive? It’s all so messy. Maybe Katherine will knock some sense into her if their deal doesn’t pan out.

– Rebekah’s eagerness to study was amusing, as were her genuine pep-talks with Matt.

– Elena ripping off the curtains and setting herself on fire was a jawdropping little moment.

– I’ve said this a million times but how can Nina pull off Katherina and Elena going up against each other so convincingly? It truly feels like they’re two different actresses.

– Thankfully Bonnie was sort of useful as she saw Silas disguised as Liz’s mom.

– Ugh, why couldn’t Matt have really died?

Vampy Zingers

Elena: (to Caroline) It’s really too bad Stefan stopped me before I put you out of your misery but hey, here’s to second chances.

Caroline: I’m gonna get flashcards and energy bars.
Rebekah: (to Matt) You dated that?

Katherine: Oops, did I forget to lock her in? Let’s just say I’ve lost interest in Elena’s recovery. I’d rather watch her tear through an orphanage.

Must Download Tunes
Bitter by Benny Merchant

Better than recent outings, She’s Come Undone was an entertaining hour of The Vampire Diaries.

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  1. I really liked this episode. Definitely agree about Nina Dobrev playing two roles. Even when Elena was all bad-ass, she was still totally different to Katherine, whole I loved this week. I'd really like to see her get immortality, just so she can stick around. IF she dies this season I'll be pretty pissed, but maybe then we could get another doppelganger? Nice review.

  2. I forgot that we could always get a ton more doppelgangers 😛 You're right. Give Katherine immortality and let us enjoy her forever! Thanks Panda!!

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