Revenge 2×20 – Engagement

"It's a sub-zero world when your own sensei stabs you in the back."


If only the entirety of season two was this thrilling.

Revenge works best when it does one very simple thing: it puts Emily and Victoria in a scene together and has them exchange evil pleasantries. The half-smiles, the razor barbs, THAT’S what makes the show so delicious to watch, and it’s what made this hour so memorable.

While I love the fact that Emily was so dedicated to her dastardly plots this week, it was Aiden who really signaled a turning point for the show: he killed Takeda! Suffice to say, this development blew my mind. I never thought they’d kill off Emily’s sensei so early in the show’s run (if ever) so it was a fantastic turns of events. I was genuinely scared for Aiden’s life during that outstanding samurai fight (“you were a soldier not a warrior”) so imagine my glee when he grabbed the sword with his bare hands and proceeded to stab Takeda through the neck with the blade.

And that ending, WOW. First Aiden and Nolan managed to completely drain the Graysons of their finances (much to Emily’s behest), and then the whole of Manhattan got plunged into darkness. Did the Falcon install some sort of contingency plan in which the Carrion program would be carried out if the Graysons’ funds were in jeopardy? Whatever it was, it was downright chilling and superbly executed. I literally got goosebumps as Emily exclaimed: “It’s started”. It was the perfect moment and next Sunday can’t come soon enough! It almost makes the whole season worth it.

Vengeful Bits

– Loved Emily dropping the double bombshell on the Graysons with the engagement and move to Paris.

– I can’t decide if the scene with Daniel confronting Aiden (about his dad the baggage handler) was well-acted or not.

– Victoria meeting Allison, the Governor’s wife, should have been more exciting. Turns out her husband is just sick.

– A lot of great continuity this week: Charlotte referencing Daniel shooting someone at his last engagement party, and Ashely telling Jack she saw him kissing Emily last year (which she then told Daniel about).

– Highly amusing: Emily saying they’ll put a picture of Victoria so the grandkids can see her in Paris, and Victoria retaliating that Emily isn’t even a woman in love. Of course that’s where Emms brings out the big guns (David Clarke memories). Score!

– Jack and Victoria’s partnership just reeks of sleaziness. And I’m sick of him judging Emily.

– So Takeda told Emily that he has his own “path” or vendetta against The Initiative. I do hope we’ll learn what that was soon.

– So Charlotte got arrested then revealed to Daniel her pregnancy. Utterly captivating (NOT).

Devious Delights

Victoria: You and I have both made mistakes. The only difference is I don’t make them twice.
Daniel: Except bastard children I guess.

Conrad: I can see this girl’s burrowed into your heart.
Daniel: She’s been there since the day I met her.
Conrad: I recognize the symptoms.

Ashely: (after she drinks the shot Jack puts down) Jack I’m working.
Jack: Actually…. that was mine.

Emily: What business would Jack have with Victoria?
Nolan: Maybe he wants her recipe for Devil’s food cake.

Nolan: Slightly unsettling; freshly fired Grayson employee lurking the halls of a subsidiary.

Nolan: (to Aiden) You could be my bodyguard, I could be your Whitney.

Victoria: (to Emily) I know what a woman in love looks like and that’s not you. Not one year ago and not today.

Engagement was a brilliant set-up for next week’s (hopefully) epic season finale.

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  1. i thought that this episode was the best one that we have had this season, it felt like season 1. i dont understand why all of the episodes this season werent like this. i have a feeling that season 3 might be more like season 1. hopefully the will kick it off, it looks exciting after seeing the preview for it

  2. Those last 10 minutes really made me feel that Revenge is back on track! I honestly can't wait to see the next episode. And I hope this is what Season 3 will be like.

    Emily and Victoria's scenes are always entertaining to watch.

    I really couldn't care less about Charlotte's pregnancy or whatever else is going on with her life. And I am waiting to see why we were introduced to a new character, that girl friend of hers, so late in the season. Anything interesting here? Because honestly between Charlotte, Jack, Declan, and Ashley, we are wasting too much screen time. We don't need another boring character!

    P.S: I really thought Takeda will end up killing Aiden (taking into consideration the expected happy ending of Emily and Jack)

  3. I'm trying my best to avoid the preview so it doesn't spoil any big moments! It's very hard to restrain myself!!!

  4. Exactly, those last ten minutes really felt like Revenge was “back on track” as you said.

    I'm always so glad to see that you find those 5 characters as boring as I do Tagouga! The show would be firing on all cylinders if it would just cut out the dead weight and focus on Emily & Victoria and our main quest. A pity.

    I was afraid for Aiden as well. Part of me really thought they would kill him off. I'm so glad he turned the tables. Excellent moment!

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