Revolution 1×16 – The Love Boat

"I hate to see your lips move while you read so I'll paraphrase."


This was Revolution‘s most disappointing hour in quite a while.

I thought the addition of Neville to Mile’s team would take the show to another level. However, his inclusion felt muddled and unengaging. The boat stuff just didn’t compel me although it did have one highlight: Neville punching Charlie and getting attacked by a protective Miles as a result. Speaking of Miles, he’s back to his sinister ways (lining up and executive his enemies). I appreciate the writers’ attempts to blur the lines here and position Miles as a man who’ll do anything to win. Could he be our Big Bad next year? That would certainly shake up the show’s status quo.

In other news, Rachel and Aaron are starving and killing people for it. It was pretty brutal of Rachel to escalate things so quickly, but I admittedly enjoyed watching her and Aaron fight for their lives. Elizabeth Mitchell with a shotgun can ONLY mean good things. But that protruding bone? I’m somewhat traumatized.

And how nuts was that ending? First Grace finally manages to unlock the elevator to the mysterious 12th floor in The Tower, then one of Randall’s men goes down the lift and returns completely mauled. Did the psycho nanomites devour him? Or is the smoke monster from Lost making a guest-appearance?

Revolutionary Bits

– Ugh another in-media-res opening. When will shows ever learn? I bet Alias is rolling in its grave.

– Charlie was pretty impressive, locking Miles in when he refused to let the prisoners go. And that evil grin when she’s pointing guns at people? Somehow I feel she’d make a badass villain.

– How random was Nora offering herself to Miles in lingerie. Beautifully filmed but so very out-of-place.

– Why is Aaron in Rachel’s book? Seriously I want to know.

Dystopic Digs

Monroe: Oh Mr. Flinn, you’re my IT guy. If you say something like that again, I’ll have to rip your throat out.

Neville: (to Charlie) I have to say, you are the most irritable pain in the ass I have ever known.

While the ending was suitably insane (and undoubtedly intriguing), The Love Boat was a disappointing hour of Revolution.

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