Scandal 2×21 – Any Questions

"This always happens Cyrus: people like you get a taste of power and then develop amnesia."


So we finally know who the mole is!

┬áTruth be told, I had to look up Billy Chambers on Wikipedia to remind myself of the integral part he played in the first season of Scandal when he impregnated Amanda Tanner and caused all hell to break loose. The last we saw of him, he was getting into an elevator with Charlie who apparently let him live. There’s going to be a lot of explaining to do in the finale and I do hope it’s worth it. This reveal might make sense from a storytelling perspective, but I don’t really have an emotional investment in it as we haven’t seen Chambers all season long. Still, I won’t judge this storyline properly before next week.

Nevertheless, David taking Cytron the card was an excellent little shocker. We got so used to seeing Mr. Rosen hanging around Pope & Associates that we’d forgotten about his vendetta against Liv and her cohorts. It’s a fitting turn of events although I’m left asking how Liv could be so reckless and unlock her vault so callously in front of everyone. Tsk tsk.

I REALLY wanted Fitz to give up the Presidency. In fact, I was applauding Shonda for this brave decision but I guess it was too big of a creative risk. The state of candidacy papers felt too tacked on, although I appreciated the fact that the ramifications of Defiance on Fitz’ confidence still hold their weight. Now can Mellie please reveal Liv’s name to the press? Because that would really flip the status quo upside down.

In other news, John Barrowman is Mellie’s new fixer and it’s a casting decision. The guy feels like a male version of Olivia Pope down to every line and nuance. I hope he sticks around for a while and butts heads with our heroine soon. She could stand to meet her doppelganger.

Scandalous Bits

– How insane was that teaser with Cyrus shouting at Tom to open the door and then screaming “GET UP” at Olivia and Fitz mid-sex?

– Great little moment of continuity with David confirming that Abby did in fact give Olivia the Cytron card she stole from him.

– Incredible scene: Cyrus belittling James as a journalist and calling him “stupid” for his so-called “lucky break”.

– I seriously adore Sally Langston. She’s the perfect villain. Please keep her around permanently.

– Abby calling Quinn “baby Huck” for her sneaky plans was hilarious.

– While I get what they were going for with Cyrus’ press conference interspersed throughout the whole hour, it got grating with his repetitive answers.

– Of all the spy shows I’ve ever watched, I’ve never seen the tracking powder Jake used on Charlie. I loved how the latter started touching random people on the street to throw off his trail.

– Who else was disappointed that Quinn stopped Huck from killing Charlie?


Mellie: I am the First Lady of the most powerful nation on the planet. I didn’t get here because someone like you held my hand and called themselves my hairdresser. My hair is done. So, don’t ask if I can be honest like I’m some little girl confused by all the books and smart talk. I can be honest, I can also lie. It all depends on what’s in my best interest.

Jake: I’m not a bad guy Olivia.
Olivia: You’re not a good one.
Jake: Neither is he.

David: Watching Cyrus Bean unraveling under pressure is my porn.

Any Questions is a solid and fitting set-up for next week’s finale.

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  1. Billy Chambers being Albatross wasn't nearly as awesome as David betraying the gang. That floored me. It was so funny because I'd been on Twitter all night Thursday and I saw that “Billy Chambers” was trending. I remembered exactly who he was but for some reason didn't think much of it. I'm so glad I didn't haha!

    Once again, Fitz and Liv have been here before. Something new needs to happen in that relationship. I love them together (mostly), but I'm getting bored…

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