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Grey’s Anatomy 9×23 – Readiness Is All

"You know how we could have avoided this? If I'd safely been in that exploding OR like I should have been."


Ominous… I liked it!

It kind of feels like Arizona’s infidelity storyline came out of nowhere, but I have to say I’m enjoying it quite a bit. Hilarie Burton was my least favorite character on One Tree Hill, but she’s extremely likeable as Lauren. This week, the flirtation between Arizona and the new doc slowly began to escalate until their full-on makeout session in the on-call room. As heartbreaking as it was to witness Arizona cheat on Callie, it felt strangely satisfying to see her “lose a little bit of control” after a harrowing and traumatic year. I always advocate storylines that settle in a grey area, and

Arizona’s act this week didn’t feel very “wrong” which makes for some genuinely compelling television. I can’t wait to see where this goes next.

I guess Jo really is the writers’ favorite intern because her storyline assumed center-stage this week and practically overshadowed the rest of our cast. I knew something was up with Jo’s battered face, so the twist with her causing significant damage to Jason wasn’t entirely shocking. Nevertheless, it made Alex sympathetic (which he hasn’t been for a while) and gave the two a touching scene at the end before a tree randomly crashed through their window. However, did we really needed that added tidbit with Jo referring to the fact that she was some sort of rape victim? Ugh.

In other news, Yang finally knows about Owen’s desire to adopt Ethan so their relationship can’t exactly stay the same. Even worse, Ethan’s dad woke up so barring any sudden disaster in the finale (you can never really count those out), Owen has to deal with letting the kid go. Either way, it doesn’t look like this storyline is going to have the happiest of endings as we all know what a sadist Shonda Rhimes is.

Bits & Scalpels

– Awesome continuity: Meredith mentioning the bomb in the OR.

– Meredith falling on the stairs was beyond horrifying. Ellen Pompeo totally sold her post-fall reaction. Thankfully, the baby survived.

– Probably the FUNNIEST moment s has EVER done: Christina screaming “No mousy No!” when Brooke took over from Derek during surgery. I genuinely laughed out loud.

– The flashmob for April was admittedly entertaining, but I’m really over her and Avery’s pining. Christina’s reaction to the all the dancing and singing was hysterical though.

– Webber and Bailey didn’t get much to do this week, but I enjoyed his rant about her doing all the filing. Snap out of it woman.

– Loved Brooks high-fiving Derek. “Stay Weird Brooks.” Epic.

– The McBaby is coming, and in the storm no less! But would we really have it any other way?

Must Download Tunes
You Belong To Me by The Boxer Rebellion
I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) by Sleeping At Last

An intriguing and foreboding penultimate episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

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  1. I definitely agree that the “No Mousy No” scene is the funniest scene ever by Christina!

    I am so glad McBaby survived the fall but let's hope he will survive the finale…

    The flash mob was indeed entertaining, it is good to see everyone happy for even a few minutes considering that we are definitely in for some tragic events in the next episode. And yes Christina's reaction was hysterical!

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