Nikita 3×21 – Invisible Hand

"You think you're a hero? You think you're better than me? You are what I made you, now and forever."


Let’s start off with some breaking news: Nikita has been renewed for a (shortened) fourth season.

While I’m undoubtedly ecstatic that the show will get to end on its own terms, I’m somewhat wary of where they’ll be taking things next year. Amanda is the ultimate Big Bad of the story, and while The Shop seem like an intriguing antagonistic presence, their inclusion kind of feels like the writers stretching out the show’s premise past its due date. Nevertheless, I’ll give Nikita the benefit of the doubt as the show has rarely disappointed me.

Our heroine’s journey feels like it’s coming to its natural end. She took down Division, and she’s bound to take out her nemesis next week after what FEELS like the final battle: assassinate the President of the United States in order to save her soulmate. It’s a riveting culmination of Amanda and Nikita’s cult-like obsession with one another. The former prides herself in her monstrous creation, while the latter continuously strives to atone for her sins. The fact that Amanda’s plan goes back to Michael’s hand which contained a dose of the Shop’s nanotoxin is just the cherry on top. Nice to see our villainess was thinking ahead.

How phenomenal was Maggie Q during that breakdown? The way she slowly sunk to her knees as Amanda gloated beside her was simply incredible. You could literally feel our Nikita’s pain as everything crumbled around her. I particularly loved how effectively Nikki put on a happy face (with just the right hint of sadness) as she returned to Division and faced the gang. It’s hard to watch her keep secrets from Team Nikita because we’ve seen them grow into such a loving family. And her telling Michael they should get married? A tragic and immensely heartbreaking moment.

Hassana offering Alex a potential new career path as an ambassador for trafficked children is a fascinating one. Now that the option is on the table, I think it would be the perfect bookend to her story by the time the show ends next year. The girl has suffered a great deal and it feels like an appropriate resolution to her story. Here’s hoping it comes to pass.

Bits & Bullets

– What a brilliant teaser with The Shop shooting Nikita’s contact and trapping her in a psycho car. Of course, she escapes at the last second before the car implodes.

– Awesome bit of continuity: Nikita and Michael flashing back to the plane-full of kids, and a reference to Amanda’s cochlear implants which once exposed Alex.

– Referring to Division as a “proving ground” for The Shop is an admittedly intelligent way of linking this new evil with the old one. The nanotoxin is basically an upgraded kill-chip. Oh, and the organization is quite prevalent on a global scale. Shocking.

– Fantastic fight scene between Nikita and Smith in the alley. It’s been a while since we’ve had one in broad daylight.

– I really enjoyed the quiet moment between Alex and Sonya in the Division dorm room. I wish they developed the friendship between these two more.

– Ryan wasn’t in this episode. Neither was Owen. Could the show not afford the whole cast this week? Both were jarring omissions so close to the finale.

– So apparently, Amanda didn’t play around with Nikki’s head. That was just “theater”.

– Alex hugging Nikki and calling her strong like Myriam was a beautiful (yet much too short) moment between the two. I’ll take what I can get.

– The episode’s final shot is quite powerful, with Nikki sitting alone with her silencer and her mission. It feels like she’s become the old Nikita again and it’s harrowing to watch.

Nikki Notables

Birkhoff: Follow my lead.
Nikita: That’s not terrifying.

Amanda: Nikita, my target is and always has been you.

Nikita: Unarmed?
Amanda: Oh I fired my shot weeks ago. It’s just reaching you now.

Nikita: Why kill The President?
Amanda: I don’t care really, I’m A-political but the groups needs her dead, publicly. I just need the perfect girl for the job. The perfect killer. My most perfect creation.

Amanda: The world is about to see you for what you really are Nikita, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Invisible Hand is a brilliant penultimate episode of Nikita.

Nad Rating


  1. Honestly, I can't get enough of Nikita and I'm sad that it's coming to an end. For me, it feels as though it's too soon and yet- I totally understand your stance.

    This was indeed a thrilling hour of Nikita- potentially one of the strongest episodes in the season. I though that the use of “Devil Within” by the digital daggers was also amazing. A reference to a band they've used throughout the series and, if you listen to the lyrics, it fits like a glove.

    Keep these reviews coming! I love reading your thoughts. Also- any chance of a GOT review? I want to know your thoughts on the Arya/ Gendry scene from 3X05!

  2. Hey Anonymous,

    Thank you so much for your kind words. It's always nice to know when people are following up on my reviews. I stopped writing about GOT because nobody was commenting so I assumed people wouldn't miss them. Now that I know you're reading them, I'll make more of an effort to write them for sure as other shows come to an end this month 🙂

    Totally get you about Nikita. I love it so much and it's going to be heartbreaking to see it go. And you're right about the lyrics to the Digital Daggers song. My God they were perfectly chosen!! What a wonderful final moment.

  3. Wow, I am so suprised right now that you gave this episode such a good rating, Nadim. It was so terribly cliche and full of plotholes.

    But I admire it somehow that you can still find something intriguing in Amanda's storyline. I love the actress and her portrayel of Amanda but the story of Amanda and her wrath is beyond stupid and boring by now. If something is strechted out in this series it is Amanda's demise.

    Niki's breakdown was strong but Nikita's (not Maggie's) acting was so bad when back at Division.

    The one on one scenes throughout this episode were strong though and I loved everyone of it. I hope they close Alex storyline in the season finale. It would be the perfect ending for her. It's time for her to be Alexandra Udinov now.

  4. I'm another fan of your review of Nikita, though I don't leave comments. Please keep them coming, Nad!
    (p.s. I just started watching GOT, and would love to hear your thoughts 🙂

  5. That's too bad you didn't like it Anonymous. I guess Nikita is one of those shows that rarely disappoints me. I know you're not the only one and SO many people have been annoyed by this season and Amanda. Since I hated Percy as a character, I LOVED this season. Hopefully we'll BOTH love the finale 🙂

  6. i just don't get why nikita can't type on a computer and get a plan sorted out with michael, birkhoff, sonya and alex (since she can't speak aloud). i hope it's not a plot loophole because that would surely suck. hopefully she types/writes a message in the last episode.

  7. So true. I thought the same thing Rachel. They better address this point in the finale. Nikita can't possibly be THAT stubborn in wanting to deal with the predicament on her own!

  8. I found this episode to be a bit weak and while I love Amanda, her storyline has run a bit too long.

  9. What an incredible, brilliant twist!! This show just linked The Shop, Michael's hand, Nikita's final mission, Amanda's ploy and the President in a genius way. My jaw dropped when Amanda revealed that Michael has the 'upgraded kill chip' in his hand and the only thing stopping her from pulling the trigger is the possibility of Nikita assassinating the President. What a twist!!

    As far as penultimate episodes ago, this really was one of the strongest ones I've seen in a while. I'm beyond shocked that you mention some fans were annoyed with this season AND Amanda particularly. It makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever.

    That fight scene outside in broad daylight was perfect. I haven't commented on this show's brilliant choreography in a while because I really got used to it! But I guess when Arrow and all our other show return soon, I'll notice a HUGE difference.

    I can't believe I only have 7 EPISODES LEFT! Imma cry. We need a new kickass spy show on the air right now!

    Let's hope the finale doesn't disappoint! I really enjoyed all the comments here too. Very interesting to see so many different points of view. Sad to be joining in on the discussion a few years too late haha!

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