Revolution 1×17 – The Longest Day

"What makes you think I'm in it to help people?"


Revolution hasn’t been too exciting lately but this was a step in the right direction.

Rachel continues to be the most fascinating character on the show. My favorite moment of the episode was her proclaiming that she didn’t care about helping people. It was brutally honest, and shockingly satisfying. I’m sick of goody-two-shoes protagonists; it’s why I love Emily Thorne (Revenge) and Olivia Pope (Scandal), so this was a welcome development. However, her use of the first generation nano-tech to heal her leg was quite over-the-top. The show has really embraced its science fiction-y roots lately but this was a pretty insane development. I just hope the nanites don’t become a deux ex machina every time the writers need a convenient solution for their problems

I have to say, the cinematography on Revolution sure is phenomenal isn’t it? The fighter-jet attack looked like it came straight out of a big-budget Hollywood movie. It’s good to know the production values haven’t waned as the season’s progressed, and I hope this will remain the case next year with the show’s dwindling ratings.

I was surprised they killed off Monroe’s general (played by Mark Pellegrino). It effectively showcased just how paranoid the big bad had become, as it turned out the former wasn’t even guilty of spying. Here’s hoping Monroe snaps soon and Flynn assumes his place as the show’s primary villain. He’s much more imposing as an antagonist.

And of course, the ending was superb with Monroe capturing Nora. The moment had a ton of creepy undertones and I’m wondering how much Nora is going to suffer in the coming weeks. I just wish she had a semblance of a personality so I’d be more invested in her plight. Oh well…

Revolutionary Bits

– The flashbacks to Rachel and Miles after the blackout weren’t as compelling as I would have liked. But Rachel”s still a prisoner, so I bet the good stuff is coming up.

– I really loved Charlie hugging Miles with all her might after he saved her from the thug.

– Did Neville HAVE to see Charlie kissing Jason? When will shows stop using this soap opera trope? It’s seriously laughable.

– So The Prez wants to surrender. She sure gave in fast!

Dystopic Digs

Aaron: What is the point of power if we can’t use it to help people?
Rachel: What makes you think I’m in it to help people? I want power, so Monroe’s enemies can wipe him off the map. I wanna kill the man who killed my son. That’s it.

The Longest Day isn’t the greatest hour of Revolution, but it’s entertaining nonetheless.

 Nad Rating

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