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Grey’s Anatomy 9×24 – Perfect Storm

"Figures you'd go into labor in the middle of a super storm."


After all the insanely catastrophic developments Shonda’s thrown at us in Grey‘s finales, this low-key hour was bound to be somewhat of a disappointment. Yes, on Grey’s Anatomy, a savage blackout-inducing storm is considered low-key.

So is Webber dead? Although he’s been a consistent member of the cast since the show’s inception, this development left me feeling cold and unaffected. I guess it’s because the character’s floundered a bit since Adele’s death, and I saw the electrocution coming a mile away. Shonda really should have found a more shocking cliffhanger to employ instead of this buzz-killer.

 I know it’s hard to top epic shootings and horrifying plane crashes every season (and it wouldn’t be very realistic either), but I really wasn’t worried for Meredith during her surgery. Sure Pompeo was great as she bossed Shane around to open her up, but she is the title character so there was zero suspense where this storyline was concerned. Another strike-out.

I’m unsure how I feel about the Arizona/Lauren affair. On one hand, it’s fascinating to watch Arizona so reckless and in need of an outlet to express her traumatized state of mind. But on the other hand, I still feel like it’s out of character for her to hurt Callie so harshly. Their final shouting match was powerful in theory (Arizona plainly telling Callie she wasn’t on the plane) but I felt like Capshaw couldn’t really get a handle on her character’s emotions. Maybe that was the point, but something just felt really off.

I’m also extremely sick of Christina and Owen. The problem with breaking them up again is that I just can’t take it seriously. They’re obviously an endgame couple, and they’re bound to reunite eventually. Couldn’t we have given them something more compelling to work with? As far as I’m concerned, Grey’s deserved a much stronger finale than this.

Bits & Scalpels

– Excellent, moody teaser with the slow motion rain and Derek & Christina running, culminating with Meredith in-need of a c-section as the power goes out. I especially loved the funky touch with the title credits flickering.

– Pompeo was stunning as she struggled to cry out the baby’s name before losing consciousness on the OR table.

– Jo’s standout moment of the year was teaching all the parents how to bag their babies (and thus containing the mutiny in the process). Wonderful moment.

– Absolutely loved Bailey going ballistic on the medicine cabinet after hearing about Meredith’s predicament. Epic.

– I have zero interest in Jackson and April. Her breakdown during the explosion was painful to watch and I just really want these two to get off my screen already.

– Christina comforting Derek and naming all the disasters that Meredith’s survived was an amazing piece of Grey‘s continuity.

– Was it just me or was Derek hugging Bailey incredibly moving?

– I had no idea the wedding ring pinned to the scrubs would end up revealing the affair. It should have been obvious to me the first time Callie mentioned it.

– Alex told Jo he loves her. Finally.

– Seriously Meredith, who calls their baby Bailey? God help the little brat, McBaby would have been better.

Grey Banter

Arizona: It is our job today to keep the makers of tiny humans happy, or they will mutiny and we will be outnumbered.

Christina: I’m not operating in the dark.
Webber: Didn’t we just teach the Syrians how to operate in these conditions?
Christina: I’m not Syrian.

Cristina: (to Owen) Derek watches Zola put applesauce in her ear and he’s enchanted.

Must Download Tunes
Without You by Ingrid Michaelson
All Of Me by John Legend
Freight Train by Sara Jackson-Holman

An entertaining yet highly underwhelming season finale of Grey’s Anatomy.

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  1. It is true that you could tell that that electrocution was coming but still I was really sad to see Webber lying there all alone.. I really like him but I guess killing the character at this point (if he will truly die) makes a bit of sense since his storylines are becoming somewhat limited (It was bound to happen with all the new cast introductions).

    Ellen Pompeo delivered a great performance in my opinion but you are right no one was actually worried about her, we knew she would make it. Bailey stepping in at that moment in particular was properly done and Derek hugging was incredibly moving! Hell yeah!

    Now to the Callie/Arizona final scene, I think Sara Ramirez delivered one hell of a performance (as always) however I agree something was off with Jessica Capshaw. Remember that scene where they were fighting in the bathroom, well I kind of expected something as powerful. Not that this scene was not good but it kind of lacked something.

    I remember a time before, I think maybe in season 7 or 8, where we had too much of Christina and Owen and I was really sick of them… I am not back to that point yet; we knew they were going to break up and eventually they will get back together but I am kind of hoping the story will not take as much space as before.

    I really don’t want April and Jackson back together! Like REALLY!!!!

    Overall, I guess the finale was good, not as powerful as the previous ones and well you are right the cliff-hanger is not that shocking.

    (LOL moment: Christina saying: “It is just a C, it is barely a surgery. A moron can do a C… No offense!”)

  2. You're right that bathroom scene was a MUCH better showcase of Capshaw's talent. I'm glad to see I'm not the only who thought something was off about the finale.

    And that Christina moment was indeed hilarious 🙂 Thanks for all your Greys comments this season. Really loved reading them!

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