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Nikita 3×22 – Til Death Do Us Part

"From now until the end of history, every man, woman and child will know your name. Booth, Oswald, Nikita."


I love Nikita. I really, really do. But I have to be honest: I did not love this finale.

I wanted it to be epic. I wanted it to blow my mind. Last year’s closer was a masterful hour of television that was equal parts emotional and thrilling. This finale however, felt like it was missing something big, and I can’t seem to get a handle on what exactly that was.

The first half of the hour was definitely clunky with the gang trying to piece together Nikita’s actions, as our heroine gained (much too easy) access into the The White House. Things improved considerably when the President freakin’ killed herself and Amanda set the Dirty 30 loose on Division. Those are just the kind of epic curve-balls you’d want in a finale. But then the writers messed everything up again with two horrid developments: The President was indeed alive (clone/imposter twists are severely overused by now) and Nikita decided to head off on her own and leave her family behind.

Honestly, I didn’t think the final scene was very convincing. Hasn’t Nikita already learned that she can’t do it all on her own? I get that it might make sense character-wise since she’s always been so stubborn and single-minded, but something about the ending just didn’t work with me. It felt too much like unconvincing set-up and not enough payoff to a season-long journey. Nevertheless, Maggie Q was as exceptional as always, and I loved Michael finding the engagement ring by the window. Shane West has come a long way and I have absolutely no complaints about the character anymore (as opposed to when he first started out).

Thankfully, I don’t have a doubt in my mind that Nikita‘s final six-episode season next year is going to be one hell of a breathtaking event. We’ve got the world’s largest manhunt, and Alex with an intriguing plan of action: become a diplomat for trafficked kids while using the resources at her disposal to help take down The Shop. Brilliant.

Bits & Bullets

– Loved the teaser with Nikita in the Oval office and a dead President Spencer. For the first time this season, a show employed an in-media-res opening effectively. And beautiful cinematography too.

– Dr. Kang dying so soon really surprised me. But I’m glad he did, as his antidote would have been too easy a solution.

– The plan to kill and revive Michael to get rid of the nanotoxin was a bit too convenient for my taste. Plus there was no suspense as we knew he’d survive it.

– It’s always satisfying when Birkhoff snaps and starts kicking ass.

– Standout sequence: the trio fighting off The Dirty 30 and getting their asses kicked (in slow motion) until the doors blew open and Nikki made her entrance. Although the fight could have been better, it still sort of reminded me of All The Way in season one when Nikita beat up the roomful of recruits.

– Maggie Q KILLED her touching plea to Michael. I also loved the reference to the snow scene and Kassim.

– The Division explosion was a joy to behold. It looked like a million-dollar set piece and it was superbly executed on every level. From the iconic hallway to Amanda’s zen room, it felt like a true milestone moment.

– While I didn’t like the President imposter twist, I have to admit that it was a genius move to have had her kidnapped back in the G20 summit. It gives the season an epic scope.

– I honestly didn’t recognize Sonya at first with her hair down.

– I loved Team Nikita vowing to clear our heroine’s name together. If only she felt the same way.

– So the writers completely ditched Sam/Owen these last few episodes. Not cool.

– Seriously Maggie Q in that final scene? The way she conveyed haunting pain as she sobbed and threw the phone with Michael’s call out the window, only to completely shift and turn cold in the final seconds. It genuinely felt like Q’s warmth dissipated and she became season-one Nikita again. Magnificent performance.

Nikki Notables

Michael: You know it’s funny, I’m the only one who hasn’t gone through this. All of you have done this resurrection thing.
Alex: Well it’s about time you joined the club.

Mr. Jones: And remember… we are the invisible hand.
Amanda: Well Nikita has a habit of chopping those off.

Must Download Tunes
All I Need by Mat Kearney
Hanging On by Ellie Goulding

While Til Death Do Us Part was great in theory, I was left quite disappointed by Nikita‘s third season finale.

Nad Rating


  1. What was missing was Amanda's death – it's overdue and why The Shop is acting as Amanda's puppet does not even make sense. Why would The Shop care about Amanda's little psycho revenge plan?!

  2. I agree- something was missing.

    The finale just didn't click with me. As much as I love my Nikita- I wasn't stunned. I wasn't blown back. I wasn't totally enamored by what had just happened.

    I feel like this finale was the weakest of them all- it had such great potential which was lost underneath the choppiness of it all. I'd honesty give this finale a C-.

    It's just such a weak contrast- I feel like most season's are defined by their finale and in this case it just left me wanting so much more. I mean looking back at how epic the other two were and how I literally craved more episodes just disappoints me.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm still a huge fan- I just expected more of the show.

    I agree- season 4's 6 episodes will be mind blowing. When they need to get work done and make amazing episodes and I'm really hoping for a season 1-esque show.

    And, absolutely, Shane West has grown and more as an actor- in fact, I feel as though all of them have. I believe that both Q and Fonseca have grown tremendously and have definitely gotten into their own element. It's a pleasure to watch. I expect great things from all three actors in the future.

    Oh and I feel like a hypocrite since I haven't been watching GOT lately but I still want to hear your thought. (It'll help me decide whether to start watching again or wait until I actually have time).

  3. You're right that perhaps it's about time Amanda died. But if you think about it, who would be our big Bad for the final 6 episodes? She stuck around this long, she might as well stick around some more to provide Nikita with an epic fight scene in the series finale 🙂 There aren't enough episodes left to get us invested in another villain!

  4. I'm so glad to see I'm not the only one who felt this way 🙂 I was afraid I was being harsh on the show (which I ADORE) but something really was missing. Just like you said, I wasn't blown away, particularly when compared to the two previous epic finales. I don't disagree with your C- but my heart just couldn't do it. Thanks for your thoughts 🙂

    As for GOT, how much have you seen? I'm two episodes behind in season three and I promise I will make more time to write about it now that all my priority shows are over for the season! It was just never at the top of my list although I do enjoy it when there's focus on characters I like (the cast is TOO big).

  5. I watched GOT until 3X05 and had my shipper heart break during the Arya & Gendry moment.

    You're absolutely not alone. I wanted to love this finale- I really did and I honestly don't know how I found it in be to write C-, I don't think that's ever happened to me before but it is what it is. I honestly expected Nikita to go out with a bang- especially considering they didn't even know whether they'd be renewed or not.

    I'm even more happy that they have been now- how terrible of an end would that have been?

    And, yes, I myself feel much too critical but for an excellent show such as Nikita I've raised my grading bar significantly.

    -Alex (I figured since I comment from time to time we should get onto first name basis, ha ha).

  6. Panda wrote:

    Good review, Nadim!

    Even though it wasn't as great as Homecoming, and nowhere near Pandora, I actually liked this finale, but I get all the problems you had with it.

    I think Nikita running away made sense for me, just because she's grown so attached to these guys, and though she probably knows they're going to stick by her and help do more for her than she can on her own, I think that bond made her cut and run. She probably feels like retribution is hopeless, so she plans on going down alone.

    Can't wait for the finale season though! I hope Amanda is as big a part of it as she was for this season. Melinda Clarke is amazing.

  7. I don´t disagree with your review but I loved this episode because of one thing: the characters. And this was very tense. All the acting was great and although I knew Michael wouldn´t die, I teared up because of Maggie Q.

    Looking forward to seeing the final season.

  8. I expected something more from this finale (Amanda's death maybe?) and boy was it soooo rushed! This should have been a two-hour finale because the last 10 minutes were WAY too rushed: we got Nikita escaping from the White House, Michael being revived, Division destroyed, the gang setting base at a new safehouse, the news reporting Nikita as the assassin and finally Nikki leaving. WHEW! It was way too much to handle and as much as I love forward momentum, this was a bit too much. That's basically the only reason I didn't LOVE this episode.

    But other than that, I was still entertained all the way through. I can't tell you how much I cheered when Nikita walked into Division, doors blazing and everything, and started kicking ass. A scene that is just BEGGING to be rewatched over and over again!

    And that in-media-res REALLY worked this time! Really upped the stakes seeing the President dead and Nikita (possibly) the killer. Plus it helps that we only go back 12 hours earlier as opposed to how other shows sometimes jump back 24 or 48 hours even.

    The Division explosion was INCREDIBLE. I can't believe this was done on a CW budget. But THAT's how the season should have ended. I hated the final montage with Nikki leaving and Michael on the phone with her. I don't think it made sense from a character standpoint, and the whole sequence was just not very Nikita-like. I really wish it ended with Division going down and the gang escaping in that SUV. That would have been perfect.

    Can't say I'm disappointed Amanda is still alive! That means we get more scenery-chewing moments in the next 6 episodes woohooo! Can't. Freakin. Wait.

    Loved this review, Nads. Glad to see everyone else in the comments agree this was a bit of an underwhelming finale. What a season though! Still one of my all-time favorites!

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