Revolution 1×18 – Clue

"Turning the lights back on is the least thing it can do."


I’m starting to feel like this season is a complete and utter mess.

I’ve defended Revolution all year long, but honestly I’m starting to understand all the negativity people have been throwing at the show. Maybe it’s because it was touted as the next Lost (aren’t they all?) and of course the show could not deliver on those monumental expectations.  I personally loved the pilot but since then, the show has been very hit-and-miss. With one episode left before the finale, it would be foolish of me to quit now, but I sure as hell feel like it.

The main problem with Revolution is its recurring identity crisis. What kind of show does it want to be? A thriller? A romantic-adventure epic? And why does everyone have power now? This week, the show settled on a whodunit tone with a “mystery” that was far from intriguing. Do we really care about random people being killed when we’re barely attached to our core cast of characters? Not to mention the fact that Jim of all people was revealed to be the killer. I wanted to care, but the guy was thinly developed in his handful of appearances. A pity.

I will say that Nora’s horrifying torture made the character much more sympathetic. It’s been a while since she acted like an actual character (and not a plot device) so I was thankful for this mini-arc. I was sure the kidnapping would last for a while but I guess the writers would rather tackle the aftermath of her abuse (let’s hope they don’t just forget about it). Plus, her finally snapping and revealing everything about Miles, Neville, and Rachel was pretty darn awesome.

The main reason I’m sticking with the show is that I’m completely abosrbed by what’s happening at The Tower. I do hope the final two hours will reveal just enough to keep us hooked for next year. What killed Grace’s captor a few weeks ago? And who are those people we glimpsed this week? It looks like it’s a whole other world down there!

The ending really saved the hour as it was genuinely exciting to watch Rachel (much too easily) walk into Monroe’s tent with a grenade. Obviously neither of them will get killed off, but I’m eager to see the writers write themselves out of this one.

Revolutionary Bits

– 21 days of torture. Damn.

– Hilarious moment with Rachel being called a “MILF-y sister-in-law.” Seriously it’s a very accurate description.

– Am I the only person who spotted a GREEN SCREEN in the helicopter ride? Seriously how could they miss that? I must be seeing things because this is totally unacceptable.

– Why is Randall completely weak now? He was the show’s coolest villain, and now he’s afraid of Monroe? I do hope he’s putting on an act because it’s hugely inconsistent with what we’ve seen so far.

– I still don’t care about Jason and Charlie. Ugh.

– I’ll give them this: Revolution really knows how to do endings Lost-style with those epic orchestral horns screeching to a crescendo.

A disposable hour of Revolution that’s somewhat salvaged by an outstanding ending.

 Nad Rating

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