Revolution 1×19 – Children Of Men

"That's fascinating Chubz. Now can you get us in or not?"


This was pretty darn stupid wasn’t it? I really wanted to love Revolution‘s penultimate hour, but this was an immensely sloppy episode that I can barely get myself to defend.

The show’s had a rocky year but it’s often displayed glimmers of awesomeness that kept me watching. Unfortunately, you need not look further than the episode’s teaser to witness the show’s flaws on full display. Last week’s cliffhanger was superb; Rachel strutted into Monroe’s camp like a badass with a grenade in hand ready to kill herself and our big bad. But what was the resolution to this jawdropper of an ending? NATURALLY, the writers took the easy way out by giving us a predictable and highly anticlimactic fix to the predicament. Couldn’t Rachel at least have done more damage with that thing? Oy.

I’m a big fan of restricting a show’s entire cast to one location, because that always means fireworks will ensue. Thankfully, that’s just what the writers did this week by bringing everyone together at the ominous (debatable) Tower. This decision definitely kept things moving which was an undeniable plus, I just wish it wasn’t constructed in such a messy manner. The reveal with character-actor Glenn Morshower living underground along with a group of people since the Blackout could have been intriguing, but his delivery was pretty wooden and Rachel’s reaction to the revelation left a lot to be desired. So if she turns the power back on, Rachel could set the world on fire? I have no words…

Speaking of Rachel, even the ever-reliable Elizabeth Mitchell seemed dumbfounded by the material she was given this week. She’s usually such a tremendous and evocative performer but the scene between her and Monroe in the bunker fell flat as far as I’m concerned. I didn’t really buy his guilt over Danny’s death (or his love for the son he’s never met). In addition, Mitchell didn’t seem to know what emotion she wanted to tap into it. It was just painful to watch.

I also have a big problem with the show’s current status quo. We started off the year with people fighting with swords and riding on horses, and now everyone’s hopping from place to place on choppers and blowing each other up with cutting-edge coil guns? I’m sorry but that’s too much. Maybe that’s the point? To completely flip the show over its head? Somehow I don’t think the writers meant to be that innovative. It just feels like they’re throwing everything but the kitchen sink into the mix and hoping something will stick.

The writers have one more chance to salvage this show. Let’s hope the finale doesn’t disappoint (I’m NOT getting my hopes up).

Revolutionary Bits

– I seriously felt like punching Rachel when she wouldn’t tell Monroe anything about the bunker. Whenever she plays the mystery card it just drives me nuts.

– There was a Macbook Pro in the bunker with Monroe and Rachel. It amused me. Just sayin’.

– The flashbacks were useless this week. So Rachel cried after the Blackout. Booohoo.

– Is Neville going to take Monroe’s place and lead the Republic now? Do I care?

– The highlight of the episode: Monroe saving Charlie’s life like an utter badass. More of that please.

– Who else can’t stand Aaron’s flabbergasted face any longer?

– Seriously this episode had the audacity to name itself after a FAR superior post-apocalyptic tale and one of my favorite movies of all time? These writers sure are delusional, because this is just laughable.

I can’t deny that this was an entertaining hour. I just wish it wasn’t so moronically executed.

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