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True Blood 6×02 – The Sun

"It's time for humans to bite back."


That was outstanding.

I know we’re only two episodes in but this was utterly fantastic. If True Blood can keep this up, this just might turn out to be one hell of an impressive season. Firing Mr. Showrunner (Alan Ball) suddenly seems like the smartest decision the show’s done in years.

I’m most pleased by the fact that True Blood is really embracing its mythology this season, as it’s a show that really thrives on long-term story arcs. I hate repetitive, useless subplots so I’m pleased to report that this hour barely had any. Rutger Hauer continues to be a phenomenal standout and I loved the misdirection with his turning out to be Jason and Sookie’s fairy grandfather. His dynamic with both Stackhouses was highly amusing, and I found myself captivated with his exposition dump about the Faerie line and Sookie’s new-found Supernova power. Yes it’s a bit of a deux ex machine and I wish it was introduced earlier, but the stakes are now significantly elevated, particularly with the reveal that using this one-time blast would render Sookie Faerie no more.

It’s also worth noting that the humans have finally morphed a very tangible threat to vampires. With gruesome UV silver bullets and anti-glamour contact lenses, they’ve become a real force to be reckoned with. The show needed that sense of urgency as the vamps were much too powerful. Interestingly enough, Burrell has in the span of one episode, become a pretty compelling villain in his own right, and I’m looking forward to seeing Bill’s final Nazi-ish vision come to fruition. It was quite unsettling to see half our cast detained and burning huh?

Speaking of Bill, the whole Lilith storyline has finally made him interesting again. The scene with him sucking the blood-ho dry was shocking in a way the show hasn’t been in years, and I was immensely pumped by the ending with Lilith telling him he’s vampires’ last hope. Could this year’s finale culminate with Sookie and Bill battling it out to the death? (since she does now have the mother of all vampire weapons at her disposal).

I can’t not mention the episode’s gorgeous final scene with Jessica’s “bless them” speech . It was a beautiful and impeccably-constructed montage that did an sensational job of bringing everyone together. In fact, it felt like the final moments of a season finale which is quite the accomplishment.

Bloody Bits

– We only caught a brief glimpse of the actual Warlow this week but he was positively terrifying. He looks like a deranged serial killer which is the creepiest kind of villain (supernatural creatures don’t really scare me).

– I’m not too sure what to make of Nicole, the woman who urges Sam to stand up for shifters. I’m somewhat intrigued to see where this goes though…

– Seriously, the blood ho’s death scene was insane. The effects, the bones breaking, that stream of blood out of her mouth into Bill’s – beyond crazy. (And did anyone else notice she had fang bites on her boobs? Hilarious touch).

– Does Sookie really need another love interest? Her meeting another half-Fae was probably the episode’s only misstep. But if he turns out to be Warlow in disguise or displays more purpose in the future, I’ll gladly bite my tongue.

– Was anyone else highly amused by Jason and his grandfather displaying (obviously hereditary) eating habits? Although Jason dropping so much pasta sauce on the tablecloth got my OCD brewing.

– Hilarious shot of Andy being overwhelmed by his four fairy kids running around him. That’s how I like my extraneous subplots: short and sweet.

– Eric going undercover in Burell’s home was genius. I’d forgotten just how proficient Alexander Skarsgard was with comedy, as he completely owned the whole geeky reporter shtick. Plus Burell’s contact lenses reveal was a mini-jaw dropper in its own right.

– Finally Alcide got semi-interesting again as he brutally attacked Sam while Emma was reclaimed by her grandmother. But poor Lafayette really got abused didn’t he?

– So did Eric glamour Burell’s daughter or turn her into a vamp? I can’t wait to find out, and I loved that the writers didn’t take us for fools and actually showed her removing her lenses before his arrival.

– Epic final moment with Bill and Jessica watching the vampire being dragged as he prophetically exclaims: “I can see the future. They’re all gonna burn.”

– It’s funny how much I loved this hour and it didn’t even have a ton of Pam. That’s how good this was.

True Quips

Eric: I have never feared the humans.
Pam: I have never been either, but that was before I saw Tara bakin’ like a goddamn rotisserie.

Arlene: Life is really a shit sandwich sometimes.

Girl: Is your produce organic?
Arlene: Sugar this is Bon Temps. Organic means you play the fancy piano at church.

Jason: That makes me a fairy prince.
Niall: The gene skipped you.

A first-rate episode of True Blood. Please keep it up show.

Nad Rating


  1. I totally agree with the rating of this episode. It is was a great hour!

    Humans portrayed now as a real threat is quite interesting, I was honestly shocked with the contact lenses twist..

    I also thought that Ben could turn out to be Warlow in disguise, we'll have to wait and see. But we definitely don't need a new love interest for Sookie!

    P.S. I hope this would be the last time we are reminded of the Ifrit story (with Patrick's wife suddenly appearing) – I love the fact that you didn't even mention this point! Yes, I know, it is that uninteresting!!

    Check out this link, the caption under #13 really made me laugh out loud:

  2. Haha I totally forgot about Patrick's wife and I'm so glad I did, that would have probably lessened the rating :O Hopefully we'll never hear of that atrocious story again. That was really rock bottom for the show!

    And that link is hilarious! I've recently become obsessed with Buzzfeed and that post is EPIC! Always share these with me please!

    Glad we're on the same page yet again Tagouga! ๐Ÿ˜€

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