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True Blood 6×03 – You’re No Good

"It’s okay Ginger, I understand. You’re stupid."


I’m grateful that True Blood is so focused this year.

Instead of a zillion and one subplots (which was the case the last few seasons), the show now has its sights solely set on a handful of storylines. It’s remarkably refreshing.

I’m most impressed by Bill’s new-found evilness. Could it be that the writers are actually building him up to be the show’s ultimate Big Bad? We’re so used to convention with a show’s endgame couple being introduced in the pilot and ending up together by the finale, that this would be a highly unorthodox (yet welcome) decision. I hope they go forward with this scenario as I’m just not invested in Bill and Sookie’s relationship in the slightest. I’d much rather have them on opposing sides in one epic final war.

Interestingly enough, Bill is now hellbent with getting his hands on Sookie’s blood so he can synthesize it. It’s an awesome turn of events, made even more unsettling by his eventual realization that he can target Andy’s faerie foursome. It’s a brave move that takes an otherwise extraneous subplot, and effectively implants it into the center of the show’s burgeoning mythology. Well done writers.

I’m also quite fascinated by Ben and Sookie’s connection. Although the latter definitely doesn’t need another love interest, there’s something strangely compelling about their dynamic. Part of me feels like Ben might in fact turn out to be Warlow (a vampire that shape-shifts?) so there’s a big question mark here. Nevertheless, I’m glad to see that Ben has joined the Faerie crusade.

Sadly the wolf-pack storyline still isn’t up to par. It’s not exactly boring, but it’s definitely not as thrilling as the rest of the show. Hopefully the wolves will become better integrated into the main storyline now that they’ve killed Nicole’s gang and will hopefully be denounced as a threat equal to vampires. I’m guessing the writers plan on banding all the supernaturals together against the humans which could be riveting to watch unfold.

And finally, how can I not mention the outstanding return of none other than Sarah Newlin? I thought bringing back Steve and putting him in the Governor’s camp was a stoke of genius, but having Sarah return as well was a darn masterstroke. Anna Camp owns the role and I’m secretly hoping she’s this year’s big bad. A guy can dream can’t he?

Bloody Bits

– It’s nice to see Lafayette sticking with Sam and showing his appreciation for everything the latter has done for him.

– Hilarious scene with Eric and the gang crashing at Ginger’s. I really missed that psychopath and her deranged screams.

– Beautiful misdirection with Bil embracing the sun and thinking he’s immune only to burst into flames.

– Love the scene with Sookie and Jason bonding as she pressed on his pressure points and they discussed how their parents weren’t perfect. Their sibling dynamic really is wonderful.

– Andy calls his girls by numbers now, and they’re almost 12! This storyline is too amusing. Even Holly’s back!

– Who else hated Ricky screaming at Emma to shift at the last second before the cops could find her?

– The Governor’s wife cheated on him with a vampire. Well, naturally.

– Jessica looked quite hot in that university student getup. I love that she seduced none other than the man responsible for synthesizing True Blood, Dr. Takahashi.

– Bill forcing himself into Sookie’s home was quite unsettling. I’m glad she stood up for herself, but I was hoping she’s faerie-blast him into nothing.

– So what’s wrong with Jason exactly? And how useless is Nora?

– Now that Tara’s kidnapped Willa, maybe she’ll have more to do this year?

True Quips

Sookie: I take regular danger in stride.

Eric: The world is changing Pam, and we have to change with it.

Lafayette: That mangy bitch had a mean right.

Lafayette: Now Sam, before you turn into a snake or bear or some shit I can’t have a conversation with, what insane plan do you have cooking in that pretty little head of yours?

Ginger: Are we not fucking?
Eric: Sadly Ginger no. We will not be fucking on this occasion. However, the night will come when we do. This I promise you.

Sookie: We can still love them if we can recognize that they ain’t perfect.

A well-executed transitional hour that set some engaging storylines in place for an explosive year.

 Nad Rating

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  1. After watching this episode, I am now more convinced with the theory that Ben will turn out to be Warlow. I had a moment of doubt when they showed someone lurking outside the house looking in but it turned out to be Nora.

    Seriously what the hell is wrong with Jason? Somebody takes the poor guy to a hospital!

    Ginger is always entertaining to watch and the “It’s okay Ginger, I understand. You’re stupid.” line cracked me up!

    One last thing: I have to admit that as much as I love seeing Alcide on screen, I too am starting to lose interest in the pack story. And I sure hated Ricky for screaming at Emma!!

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