True Blood

True Blood 6×04 – At Last

"Get the fuck off me or die."


This season is on fire.

It’s a joy to watch Sookie become an active protagonist again, instead of resorting to the whining she’s had on display the past couple of years. It was quit satisfying to see her discover Warlow’s identity (shocker: it was Ben after all) and hatch a plot to subdue him. Naturally the silver in the chicken didn’t work, but we got one heck of a thrilling ending with our little Sookie forming an energy ball mid-makeout and uttering the now certainly iconic phrase: “Get the fuck off me or die Warlow”. This storyline has potential to be truly epic writers, please don’t screw it up.

Speaking of Ben/Warlow, I’ve been remarkably impressed by Robert Kazinsky’s performance. He exudes just the right dose of menace, and yet you still buy him and Sookie somehow falling for each other. They’re obviously not going to be painting him as a pure villain which is a definitely welcome decision. In fact, since Warlow is the only one who can take out Lilith, that puts him on the good guys’ side (at least for a while).

Andy’s faerie daughters continue to be a highlight, this week growing to full teenage size and getting manipulated by the creepy duo of Bill and Jessica. Did the latter really kill them all in the episode’s final moments? I do hope that’s not the case as they’ve proven to be immensely amusing. Moreover, I find it hard to believe their combined faerie blasts couldn’t have knocked our favorite redhead into oblivion. Let’s see where this goes.

The whole ritual with Eric turning Willa wasn’t the most exciting arc (I much prefer him when he’s being funny) but the ramifications of this storyline were fantastic: Willa returned to daddy Governor and his new girlfriend Sarah Newlin who promptly shot the newly-turned vamp.  Does that mean we get to see the infamous camp next week?

Bloody Bits

– I literally laughed out loud when Niall responded to Nora comment that he smelled amazing by blasting her into the sky.

– I’m so pleased we got to witness Ginger’s hilarious screams again when the governor and his troops stormed her house. Please make her a regular.

– Awesome touch with the faerie kids turning off the lights and then revealing themselves as all grown up by the time they turned back on.

– Will you look at that, Sookie was actually smart enough to use Niall’s faerie trick to analyze Ben’s blood. Guess she’s not the dumb blonde she used to be…

– Utter stroke of genius continuity: the clerk and the convenience store that the girls visit is the same one from the pilot. Remember the teaser that began this epic show?

– Jason’s fear of turning gay is a bit old by now, but it’s still entertaining. The shaving dream with Warlow was hilarious.

– So is Alcide a full-on villain now? What the hell? This storyline stopped making sense eons ago.

– Sam and Nicole are as thrilling as toast, but at least their subplot doesn’t take up much screen-time.

– Quite the gripping scene with Ben taking out Niall and glamouring Jason. But why are British accents evil? Also interesting to note: Warlow is the first ever Faerie/Vampire hybrid.

– Bill elevating poor Tamahashi into the ceiling was badass.

– Pam getting captured broke my heart. Maybe this means she’ll be getting more to do? I’m pretty over Tara by now.

– Who else is hoping Niall comes back soon now that Warlow sent him to the otherworldly prison? The character has seriously become one of my all-time favorites on the show.

True Quips

Andy: (to his girls) Come on, it’s time for bed anyhow, you ain’t slept since you were three.

Must Download Tune
At Last by Etta James

Another superb episode from True Blood in a surprisingly excellent season.

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