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True Blood 6×06 – Don’t You Feel Me

"Are you mad that I turned your daughter into my daughter?"


Well that was almost perfect.

True Blood is experiencing an amazing resurgence this season and I couldn’t be happier. Don’t You Feel Me is the show firing on all cylinders with not one but two deaths (well three if you count our new Hepatitis V victim Nora). This is truly the strongest the show’s been in years.

Let’s start with Terry. The guy’s been an utterly useless part of the show for so long that his death was a long time coming. In fact, his farewell scene actually made me like him which is an impressive achievement. Of course that’s mostly due to Carrie Preston’s incredible and gut-wrenching performance as she bid her true love goodbye. Although Preston’s never received acclaim for her turn on the show, I’m beyond ecstatic that she’s getting some sort of recognition with her Emmy nomination for The Good Wife this year. The woman’s a national treasure.

As for our second death of the week, it was none other than the Governor and his offing was downright brilliant. I don’t think I’ve ever liked Bill more than when he strutted all into the Governor’s garden, made his men shoot each other, and then snapped the baddie’s head off. It was shockingly brutal, and a perfect showcase of why I adore True Blood.

The Vamp Camp villains really lived up to their notorious ways this week and it was harrowing to watch. Not only did they infect Nora with Hepatitis V (and honestly I won’t miss her), they put on a horrifying show thanks to the sinister Sarah Newlin. The entire sequence with Jason forced to watch Jessica almost copulate with a fellow vampire proved to be remarkably unsettling. Thankfully Jess got the only honorable vamp in Bon Temps who surprisingly wasn’t willing to rape her. Now is there any doubt that Sarah Newlin is the show’s ultimate new baddie? God she’s awesome.

As for Sookie and Warlow, they didn’t get much to do until the end when Sookie embraced her inner “danger whore” and allowed Warlow to feed on her before engaging in a little sex romp. Does that mean our little Stackhouse is now a faerie vamp? I sure hope so. The character could really use some livening up because she’s become a damsel in distress again (she seriously couldn’t blast Lafayette in the teaser and had to be saved?).

Bloody Bits

– Warlow blasting Sookie’s dad out of Lafayette with the black smoke flying out felt very Lost/Supernatural – ish.

– One of the series’ most epic moments ever: Eric and Pam facing off but instead of attacking each other, they stab the sniper and bloodily slam him against the glass in front of Sarah, The Governor and the rest. Deliciously awesome.

– Sookie sealing the rope around Warlow’s hands with her light was a pretty nifty move.

– Did anyone else find the scene with Andy naming Adeline quite heartwarming? I especially loved how he gave her an extra name for each of her fallen sisters. They kind of a make a surprisingly cute family along with Holly.

– As reliably amusing as ever, Jason joined the LATVF this week. Watching him butt heads with Sarah is going to be epic.

– And why isn’t this episode an A+ hour you ask? Because Alcide, Sam and Nicole are still hanging around, boring me to tears. Thankfully Emma’s gone with granny now, and Alcide wants Sam dead. How thrilling.

– So Bill can now walk in sunlight thanks to Warlow’s blood. Nice!

– I actually didn’t realize who shot Terry until quite a bit later; I had forgotten he’d hired an assassin last week. Yes I’m slow sometimes…

– Loved how Eric summoned Willa to help him escape. And the hand he carried around to open the doors? Awesomeness.

– I must say, putting Hepatitis V in Tru Blood bottles is pretty genius.

– So I take it the energy engulfing Sookie and Warlow at the end was a faerie climax? Let’s pray it didn’t result in some unholy pregnancy!

True Quips

Sarah: What do the hell do you think you’re doing?
Jason: Grabbing you by your pretty little Texas balls.

Jason: (to Sarah) I’ll tell them all about you, me, and what a whore for Christ you are.

Sookie: There’s a town consensus about what kind of girl I am… they call me a danger whore.

Wonderfully shocking, Don’t You Feel Me is an outstanding hour of True Blood.

Nad Rating


  1. Hey Nad, I commented on last week's episode as Anon. I think most people agree this season has been an improvement, but it's still not quite the glory days. I don't know if you listened to the comic-con buzz last week, but showrunner Brian Buckner said that the show will go back to it's simple story of one town next season. Joe Manganiello, who pretty much admitted his story this season is a bore and very isolated, backs that up by saying that while a lot of these stories feel like different shows in one, it will go back to being one show by the end of the season. Let's hope they can pull that off.

    As for the episode, I pretty much agree with everything. I do hope Sookie did not get pregnant, since that would just bring show down hard. I would rather see her as a vampire than be pregnant with one.

  2. Hey Roman! Yes I heard about Comic Con and I'm so pleased the show will regain some of its focus. As far as I'm concerned, this season has already been an amazing comeback, so I can't wait to see how much better it can get ๐Ÿ™‚ Joe is indeed suffering in his own storyline so I hope that doesn't last for much longer!

    Thanks for commenting! Glad to know you're enjoying the season as well!

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