Suits 3×02 – I Want You To Want Me

"You're suggesting bribing a man to get you out of your bribery charge?"


Raise your hand if your heart broke at the sight of Louis watching his almost protege high-five his sworn enemy as the episode came to a close. That’s an undeniable achievement given the fact that Louis is a despicable little man 90% of the time. But that’s the brilliance of Suits: the villains aren’t really villains, and even the good guys fumble on their journeys.

I’m not Harvey’s biggest fan this season. He just feels like an entitled little child constantly trying to screw over everyone not aligned with his path. I can’t seem to side with him in his war against Jessica (maybe it’s because I’m enamored by Gina Torres) and his treatment of desperate Mike just reeks of narcissism and an ego that knows no bounds. Nevertheless, the storyline undoubtedly provides some great drama, as it seems like everyone at Pearson/Darby is at each other’s throats.

The most intriguing new source of tension has to be Rachel and Donna’s relationship. It’s no secret that Harvey’s right-hand woman had a lot of influence on Harvey’s handling of Mike’s secret, and seeing it all blow up in her face was great to watch. It’s going to be interesting to see how she’ll be making it up for dear ol’ Rach who’s been everyone’s favorite punching bag this year.

Part of me really wishes Harvey didn’t come back for Mike at the end (or at least hoped the latter would refuse his offer). I kind of really loved Mike and Louis celebrating Jerry McGuire style, and would have like to see their dynamic further evolve. Plus that shot of Louis and the cake (Welcome to Team Litt) was just heartwrenching. Poor peasant.

It’s worth noting that I have absolutely zero interest in the Ava Hessington case. There’s nothing particularly gripping about the ordeal, and it was jarring to see the similarities between Ava’s partner turning on her, and Harvey’s issues with Mike. I’m used to Grey’s Anatomy using patients and their medical cases to manifest the doctors’ personal issues, but this was just too much. It would do the writers good to embrace some subtlety.

Pearson Points

– Pretty dirty moment with Donna, Rachel and the size of Mike’s… Well you know.

– The episode’s comedic highlight: Mike’s mud-bath with Louis.

– Traumatizing moment of the year: the shot of Louis’ naked butt drenched in mud. I think I went blind for a few seconds.

– The scene between Harvey and Jessica on the roof was pretty exceptional. She admitted all her wrongdoings and he still wouldn’t forgive her. And I thought I hold grudges.

– I’m sorry but Gary Cole is as boring on Suits as he is on The Good Wife. The guy just does nothing for me.

Firm Quips

Louis: I need to know if the Prom king and his boy wonder are still an item.
Donna: What high school did you go to?

Donna: (to Rachel) It’s not that you violated the sanctity of our friendship, it’s that you violated the sanctity of Richard Gere. It’s something I would like to do, but not the way you did it.

Louis: Mike get in. There’s nothing to be afraid of. It’s just good, clean mud.
Mike: That doesn’t make any sense.
Louis: Is it the fact that I’m in the nude?

Donna: It’s not stealing when someone is available for the taking.
Rachel: You knew?
Donna: When do I not know?

Rachel: So you’re really just apologizing because you need my advice.
Mike: Well I also want sex.
Rachel: You can have one or the other.
Mike: (Carrying her) Really don’t need any advice.

Must Download Tune
Count On Me By Are We Brothers?

While it’s still not the level of awesomeness I want from the show, I Want You To Want Me was stronger than the season premiere and an all-around engaging hour of Suits.

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