Suits 3×03 – Unfinished Business

"Don't get me wrong - I'm happy to whore myself out, I just prefer to have more than one client." 


Much better.

Suits has had an underwhelming season. I know we’re still in the beginning but the past two episodes haven’t exactly knocked my socks off. Thankfully, each one steadily improved on the last, and this hour was no different. At this rate, we’ll get our first A episode by next week.

The episode’s greatest achievement is Donna reclaiming her throne as the most amusing character ever. She had some good lines in recent weeks, but her zingers were in full-force this week, in addition to a witty new dynamic with senior partner Steven Hartley. I’m actually extremely intrigued by this potential relationship; their banter is brilliant, and their final scene with the Porsche invite holds a lot of promise. How will Harvey react to all this? Suffice to say, this is going to get epic.

Less impressive is the writers’ handling of Katrina. It’s obvious they don’t know what to do with her because the whole Mike video parody felt too high school-ish even for Pearson Darby. Hopefully now that Louis has taken her under his wing, we’ll begin to see more dimension from her. After all, both have become outcasts in the firm, so it will be interesting to watch their combined evil unleash hell on our gang.

The Ava Hessington case continues to be one of the show’s least thrilling court cases, but I did like Caitlin Stark incessantly asking Harvey if he believed she was truly guilty. Even more enlightening was the reveal that both he and Mike did in fact not believe in her innocence. And now that Mike is in on Harvey’s plan to take down Jessica, well that just further proves that the line between good and evil isn’t so clear cut in our favorite law firm.

Pearson Bits

– Louis comparing Mike to dairy was an awesome metaphor.

– Well Rachel and Donna sure patched things up quickly after last week’s bloodbath.

– Standout moment #1: Donna completely destroying Katrina in defense of Mike.

– Beautiful and poignant little scene with Mike getting down on one knee and asking Rachel to be his girlfriend.

– Standout moment #2: Harvey ripping Katrina a new one in defense of Mike. Damn.

– So Steven Hartley swooped in and retained Ava as a client. He also wants to help Harvey take down Jessica. Hmmm…

– Who else got a Mad Men vibe when Harvey offered Mike a drink at the end?

Firm Quips

Rachel: You’ve never made a copy in your life before have you?
Donna: Of course not I”m too busy being a badass. And worrying about my hair.

Donna: Do you really think that Harvey had an epiphany on his own?

Donna: (introducing herself) Donna.
Steven: Just Donna?
Donna: Yeah it’s like a name and title in one. You’ll see.

Mike: Thanks Donna.
Donna: I still expect free exotic decaffeinated beverages for the foreseeable future.

Must Download Tunes
Look Out by The James Hunter Six
Play It by Victory

Thoroughly enjoyable and compelling, Unfinished Business is a very solid hour of Suits.

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