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True Blood 6×08 – Dead Meat

"Destiny is too much of a bitch to keep fighting."


It’s official: this season is one of True Blood’s best yet.

I think it’s to safe to say that one of the most marvelous pieces of television this show has ever produced was the hilariously brutal chase sequence between Sarah Newlin and Ms. Suzuki. The scene perfectly embodied the outrageous campy tone True Blood channeled so well in its opening years, and it did an impeccable job of balancing gory fun with a real sense of heightened stakes. The comedy was spot-on (particularly Sarah hilariously trying to snap Suzuki’s neck like a full-fledged killer), but the true horror came when the religious zealot began brutally banging Suzuki’s head before stabbing the poor woman with her heel. The whole thing was a work of art, and it was perfectly bookended by Sarah’s proclamation (“Thank you Jesus”). It’s scenes like this that remind just how special this show can be. Bravo.

Of course the other most exciting thing about the hour was Bill’s vision almost coming to fruition as all our favorite vamps gathered in the infamous sun-room after refusing to drink Tru Blood. I love that even immoral characters such as Steve Newlin couldn’t stop themselves from warning others of the disease-ridden drink. And to further escalate matters, Eric finally managed to get a hold of Warlow (thanks to poor little Adeline). Is the faerie-vamp really dead? I’m definitely intrigued to find out if this risky development isn’t a cop-out.

Sookie on the other hand has become a frustrating bore. I don’t know why the writers saw fit to have her rush to Sam and practically profess her love (after being with every man, faerie and vamp on the show). Nevertheless, the rejection was a necessary step to get her to reach the realization that she wants to become a vampire. I do hope the writers don’t chicken out and actually go through with turning our heroine. Honestly it’s the only thing that could salvage a character that has become increasingly irritating and irrational.

As for the rest of the cast, Nicole is pregnant in a storyline I don’t think anybody cares about, while Arlene continues to come to terms with Terry’s death by lashing out at his mother and discovering her $2 million payday. This season has a gained a lot of goodwill from me, so I’m willing to let these stories play themselves out and judge them by the time the finale comes around.

Bloody Bits

– I adored the opening scene with Bill levitating Eric who hilariously began to “praise” him. Great work by Skarsgard.

– Jason asking Violet not to rape him was surprisingly heartfelt. Although,  it did remind me of a time when the show was quite terrible.

– Alcide beating up Ricky was probably one of the most episode’s most satisfying moments. She’s quite unlikeable that one.

– Sookie swearing at her parents’ grave was a very effective little scene.

– Wonderfully disturbing touch to the chase sequence: the male gen pop attacking Suzuki’s face from below.

– Epic visual: Steve dragging his feet in the hamster wheel as Sara interrogates him.

True Quips

Jessica: Did you just have sex with him?
Pam: I did.
Jessica: How was it?
Pam: Oozy. But productive.

Sam: What are you drinking for? What’s your drama?
Sookie: Vampires, fairies, shit like that.
Sam: You wouldn’t be Sookie without it.

Sookie: Death is just a fucking pit stop on a road that keeps on going with no end in sight.

All things considered, Dead Meat is an exceptional hour of True Blood that’s packed with forward momentum and memorable moments.

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