Suits 3×04 – Conflict Of Interest

"As much as I appreciate your suggestion, I refuse to operate in a duplicitous manner."


I must sound like a broken record but the Ava Hessington case still doesn’t interest me. I’m not sure if the character is a grating bore, or Michelle Fairley is miscast in the role but it feels needlessly convoluted to me. Even the revelation that Ava was in fact innocent did nothing to make the storyline a worthwhile investment; it’s just another tidbit that fails to make the proceedings any more compelling. Still it’s worth mentioning that on Suits, it often doesn’t matter if the case isn’t intriguing, as the law proceedings only exist to put our characters in compromising positions and peel away their layers. Still, it would have been nice if the case was absorbing across the board.

Words can’t express how awesome Donna was this week. With a plethora of zingers and one-liners at her disposal, Sarah Rafferty knocked this episode out of the park. Whether she was playfully bickering with Rachel, or engaging in snippy banter with Steven Hartley, she was a joy to watch on every level. I don’t think there’s a doubt in anyone’s mind that Rafferty is the show’s MVP, and it would do Suits a hell of a lot of good to keep her front and center.

Is it wrong that I desperately want Jessica to foil Harvey’s takedown plot? Both he and Darby made it clear that she can’t stand being number two (with her 50% stake and all), so I found myself really rooting for miss Managing Partner. Torres continues to do wonders with the role and I have no doubt that she has a couple of tricks up her sleeves (not the least of which includes using Louis to usurp Ava from her throne at Hessington Oil).

Pearson Bits

– The sight of Lewis jogging through NYC was much too priceless.

– Seriously all the copy room / bathroom scenes with Donna, Rachel and Steven were brilliant. I especially loved Donna “second prettiest” theory and the “extra edemame” touch-up.

– I almost died picturing Lewis as Jessica’s “black swan”.

– Making Katrina Louis’ lapdog definitely makes her more likeable. Mike however, is becoming pretty dull. Who would have thought…

– Mike and Rachel finally proclaiming their love for each other was a beautiful little moment. Plus she was adorably jealous of Katrina.

– Loved Jessica’s final face-off with Darby. It’s thrilling to see her bite back with full force.

Firm Quips

Rachel: New dress?
Donna: What can I say… it deserved me.
Rachel: What’s the occasion?
Donna: Does a girl need a reason to be spectacular?

Donna: (to Steven) Since you’re from a different country, I’ll translate: she finds you a bit douche-y love.

Donna: Haven’t you ever heard of going after the second prettiest to get the prettiest’s attention?
Rachel: No I’ve never heard that.
Donna: Well it’s a thing.

Louis: If I asked you to murder someone on a rainy winter’s eve, what would you say?
Katrina: Would you want a gun or a knife?
Louis: If you were less attractive, I’d love you.

Tony: (to Louis) We didn’t go Harvard, we went to Wharton and we saw you coming a mile away.

Donna: He has some short term needs, asked if I could help him out while he’s in town, and blah blah blah, I’m meeting him at eight.
Rachel: Blah blah blah? What’s blah blah blah?
Donna: You know, this that and the other thing.
Rachel: And does he know that blah blah blah constitutes this that and the other thing?
Donna: Rachel… Steven and I communicate a bit more subtly: suggestive banter, double entendres… we both know what we agreed to.

Steven: I’m nothing but a piece of meat to you aren’t I?
Donna: Quiet copy boy.

Rachel: You slept with him. How was it?
Donna: Suffice to say, I was awesome.

Donna: Oh my God I never thought about Harvey. I’m Donna. How could I have not thought of that?
Rachel: Because you weren’t thinking with your brain.
Donna: Good one.
Rachel: You were thinking with your –
Donna: Yeah I got it.

Must Download Tune
Hard To Find by The National

While it’s not as exciting as I would have liked (the season’s case is still a flop), Conflict of Interest was yet another engaging hour of Suits, particularly thanks to Donna’s ever-reliable awesomeness.

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  1. Donna is definitely carrying the show atm. Jessica might be shouldering some of the weight too. Where's the ever-so-charismatic and gripping Harvey Specter? It's a shame everyone is stuck in Ava's bland storyline. Here's to hoping they break out of that soon.

    It looks like we're going to get some big reveal about Harvey and Donna, given how he snapped at her and the titles of the next few episodes (I won't spill in case you're spoiler free). Could they center another summer finale around this duo? Are they trying to tell us something?

  2. Hmmm… I shall avoid checking out episode titles then. I do hope they focus their efforts on Donna and Harvey. That's one dynamic I've always loved.

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