Suits 3×05 – Shadow Of A Doubt

"It's ironic that she doesn't realize she helped you dig her own grave."


Another solid hour in a season that hasn’t quite reached greatness yet.

The Ava Hessington case continues to prevent Suits from firing on all cylinders. Nevertheless, I’m still enjoying a ton of subplots this year – chief among them being Donna’s love trials. The character has had an awesome season so far, and her relationship with Stephen continues to be a marvelous highlight. The chemistry between Sarah Rafferty and Max Beesley is off the charts, and it was delightful to watch them both drop the bombshell on Harvey to varying effect. I’m still waiting for some much-needed backstory, and I’m hoping this development will spur some interesting revelations where Harvey and Donna are concerned.

I don’t think anybody expected Mike and Rachel’s relationship to remain trouble free for long, and this week’s complication was a big one: Rachel has applied to Stanford law. Obviously the writers aren’t going to write Rachel off the show anytime soon, but I’m intrigued to see how they handle this development and what it means for the two lovebirds. Meghan Markle needs juicier material this season (she’s been relegated to the sidelines far too much), so hopefully this storyline will give her exactly that.

I know I may be in the minority here, but I’m still rooting for Jessica to kick Harvey’s ass. The layered dynamic between these two bloodsuckers continued to deepen this week, as our favorite managing partner basically apologized to Harvey for her treatment of him, complete with the offer of putting his name on the door. It’s an awesome little turn, and I’m curious to see how this will affect Harvey’s vendetta against her.

Pearson Bits

– Louis noticing Donna’s pheromones was epic, as was her blaming the glow on “yoga”.

– Hilarious little subplot with Louis bonding with Nigel’s “stunning creature” (the cat).

– If I have to hear Ava nag about “MY COMPANY” one more time… well let’s just say you could play a drinking game with how many times an episode she shouts the phrase with that annoying accent.

– A bit heavy-handed with Rachel talking about the fear of living with secrets (in reference to Mike and law school). I did enjoy seeing him meet her parents though.

Firm Quips

Donna: (to Rachel) I liked you better when we talked about you and Mike.

Rachel: You want me to be the Mike to your Harvey.

Mike: (to Rachel) You don’t want me there… is it because I’m white?

Another week, another amusing albeit underwhelming hour of Suits.

Nad Rating


  1. I have a feeling Rachel will end up getting into a local school and choosing it over stanford; she'll stick around and cause a looot more drama before she's written off.. I personally liked the blond he dated first better :p
    I agree with the Donna part; although she was pretty annoying in the last season, im starting to like her.

  2. You're right, putting Rachel in a local school seems like the most realistic development as it would keep her on the show and still get her to law school.

    Haha and I'm glad you're starting to like Donna. She's easily become my favorite part of the show this year.

  3. Pfft Bahij, just because you like blondes better…
    Rachel and Mike have great chemistry. Season 2 finale was epic and is only comparable to Vaughn and Sydney in phase 1, Olitz in s1e6 of Scandal…

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