Suits 3×07 – She’s Mine

"Do you find that people usually kill your enemies without your asking?"


Legally, this season is still a bore. And sadly, the interpersonal dynamics weren’t strong enough this week to make up for those shortcomings.

I get what the writers were going for with Rachel handling her first sort-of “official” court-case, but did we really need to spend SO much time on Louis and Nigel’s cat wars? I’m the biggest cat fan around but that mock trial was kind of painful to watch. Still, it was admittedly satisfying to see Rachel win (and do something besides play the supportive-girlfriend). Plus, it looks like Louis got her into Columbia so the storyline’s not a total loss in the grand scheme of things.

Thankfully, there’s an intriguing twist with Darby and Stephen being responsible for the Ava murders. While I think it’s a bit too jarring to suddenly turn Donna’s love interest into a fully-fledged villain, I’m willing to stick with this storyline and see where it goes as it undoubtedly spices things up a bit. I was hoping Donna would have a harder time picking between Stephen and Harvey, but this development made her a decision a tad too easy and a lot less nuanced.

Pearson Bits

– Louis drinking the milk. ‘Nuff said.

– How many times are we going to see Harvey and the team approach Ava about something that she has to deny/defend? This is getting old people.

– Jessica sure is on the warpath this season isn’t she? I wish the writers would give her some new material though. I’m getting kind of bored of watching Jessica attack people left and right.

– I’m glad that Donna didn’t get swayed by Stephen as we were lead to believe. She’s not stupid, and thankfully the writers are aware of that.

– The fight between Harvey and Stephen was pretty badly edited. The angles, the cuts – it just felt “off”.

Firm Quips

Louis: She wants to be my cat.
Rachel: No, you want her to be your cat.

Jessica: What exactly is the penalty if you’re found penalty of murder in your country?
Client: Death.
Jessica: And why is that you haven’t been sent back there

Cameron: (to Mike) This negotiation is over junior. Take your ball and go home.

Louis: When Mikado first entered my home, she was aloof. standoff-ish.
Nigel: She’s a cat!
Louis: I would take her out to see a bird or a dog, and there would just be nothing.

Jessica: (to Darby) It was pointed out to me that I”d misplaced some of my anger, so I’ve decided to place some of it on you.

Stephen: You’re choosing what you don’t have with him over something you do have with me?

Although the ending was intriguing, this was the most disappointing hours of the season thus far.

Nad Rating


  1. Totally agree! I don't know why the writers emphasized on Eva's case so much , it has become such a bore. Hoping for new ideas to come! The Rachel-Louis relationship is a nice twist, however her passion towards him is concerning. Will she end up telling him Mike's secret? We'll have to wait and see the outcome of that relationship. I don't know if it's just me but Im dying for some Harvey-Donna scenes!

  2. I agree Harvey and Donna are the highlight of the year by far. I absolutely love them both! Here's hoping they really stay the focus of the year because they're just amazing together.

  3. i loved the last scene leading up to the fight! Harvey attacked Stephen not because of the case (there have been people much worse than him-Travis, Hardman, Cameron) but because of how he made Donna feel. I thought the scene really showed Gabriel Macht's acting ability- how his face transformed at seeing Donna crying. I love their relationship so much! I also find it kind of hypocritical of Harvey to expect Jessica's forgiveness after he got so furious at Mike for doing the same thing-betraying him- that he fired him. I like the Louis/Rachel dynamic too- Louis deserves a real friend after everything he's been through. All in all, i agree that this wasn't the best episode so far, but it was still a satisfactory way to spend an hour.

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