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The Mindy Project 2×01 – All My Problems Solved Forever…

"We're basically an old married couple, except we're young and hot."


I’m pretty sure The Mindy Project is my personal favorite comedy discovery of the last year.

Sure the show’s first season wasn’t always consistent (and it’s the rare comedy that’s spectacular right out the gate), but it’s incredible cast and charismatic star always kept me coming back for more. FOX has wisely decided to release the show’s season two premiere ahead of schedule, and I couldn’t be more excited to cover this crazy comedy’s return.

Suffice to say, this premiere was excellent. By placing Mindy’s Haiti trip at the forefront, it allows us to pick up right where we left off as her budding relationship with Casey continues to evolve. I like Casey; he’s not the stereotypical minister, and his chemistry with Mindy is thoroughly charming. Of course The Mindy Project‘s most pivotal dynamic is Mindy and Danny’s will-they-or-won’t-they relationship, and I’m pleased to report that the show still knows how to play these two very well. Having Casey propose to Mindy, but then decide to return to Haiti alone, gives us a chance to watch Mindy struggle to keep a long-distance relationship alive, while continuing to develop her banter with Danny. It’s a win-win situation as far as I’m concerned, and the writers handled it beautifully.

Further complicating matters is the arrival of James Franco as a sex therapist who takes over Mindy’s position at the clinic. I was pleasantly surprised by how effortlessly Franco gelled with the rest of the cast, and I’m excited to see him butt heads with Mindy (and perhaps there’s a hint of something more?)

Mindy’s supporting cast also seems to have stabilized (they shifted quite a bit last year). Morgan, Betsy, Jeremy, and Beverly have always been hilarious, but Tamra just might be the coolest addition to the cast yet. Could she be this season’s standout character? I don’t see why not, because her zingers and facial expressions are priceless.

Bits From The Clinic

– Awesome transition in the teaser with Mindy losing consciousness with Casey, and waking up to Morgan “snow-whiting” her.

– Franco comparing his “attitude”-filled sperms with Danny’s was hysterical.

– Jeremy’s fat now. Ha!

– Tamra mistaking Mindy for a “little boy” and then thinking her name was Glob killed me.

– Danny’s ex-wife breaking his laptop in half is probably the most memorable thing she’s ever done. I can’t even remember her name. Thank God that subplot is over.

– Loved Franco’s story about being a runaway model and then transitioning into the baby runaway career.

– Casey peeing on Mindy’s wedding dress is just the kind of cringeworthy moment the show is so good at capturing.

– Morgan’s Bane voice was surprisingly spot-on huh?

– It’s worth noting that I love the “go to bed” line after the ending credits when Mindy’s production company logo comes on. It’s a little tidbits that always amuses me.

Lahiri Liners

Mindy: I’ve been able to keep up with my life back home thanks to an old form of email called mail.

Morgan: (to Mindy) I’ve been Snow Whiting-you for the past hour.

Danny: Tamara where is everybody?
Tamra: They all went to visit that old Indian doctor who used to work here. She’s real sick. What her name again? I wanna say Glob.
Danny: Mindy?
Tamra: I really think it’s Glob.

Mindy: What? Is this the Taliban? Am I not allowed to look at a man?

Beverly: What’s the big deal, I masturbate all the time. I did during this discussion.

All in all, a fantastic premiere. This is The Mindy Project firing on all cylinders.

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