Suits 3×09 – Bad Faith

"I can't intuit everything. What am I the Dalia Lama?"


Just when I thought Ava Hessington was gone for good, she manages to creep her way back in just in time for next week’s summer finale. Is there no escape from good ol’ Caitlin Stark?

Truth be told, this was yet another entertaining hour of Suits in a so-so season (we’ve only had one standout hour this year). Nevertheless, shuffling the status quo by making Ava sue everyone for malpractice does a pretty effective job of setting up next week’s midseason closer. I just wish we could watch this debacle play out without Michelle Fairley’s disastrously irritating performance.

On the bright side, Scotty made a comeback and I can never get enough of the gorgeous Abigail Spencer. I do hope the current animosity between her and Harvey remains, as the two make awesome sparring partners. Romantically, I much prefer Harvey and Donna but the writers seem to be taking their time with that one (shocking).

Now here’s a twist I didn’t expect: Rachel got into Stanford. I guess the show is planning some sort of time-jump during the hiatus so they can skip over her absence. It’s always good when Meghan Markle gets more to do besides play the doting girlfriend, so I enjoyed watching her criticize Mike for triggering her pet peeves. Bringing in her dad was also a welcome complication, although I am starting to get a bit tired of Robert Zane.

Pearson Bits

– Harvey picking up Donna for breakfast (and Hermes handbags) was a nice little moment. But why was she barely in this episode? Unacceptable writers; play to your strengths.

Scandal reference: Louis is a “gladiator”.

– Nigel calling Katrina “Tinkerbell” felt strangely appropriate.

– Louis flopping in the agreement because of Mikado was too much of a credibility strain. We all know he’s more professional that that.

– Did anyone else sort of like Katrina when she gave Louis the mug? Hmm…

– Harvey telling Louis he respects him felt like a real turning point in the show’s run. Well, for as long as it lasted.

Firm Quips

Katrina: You’re like The Hulk. Once you get enraged, there’s no going back.
Louis: Your description of my temperament and physique is accurate.

Harvey: I had dinner at The White House, they’re not gonna make me Attorney General.

Harvey: Do you need a tissue or something?
Louis: Can I use your pocket square?
Harvey: Under no circumstances.
Louis: I’ll be fine.

Mike: I asked her to move in with me.
Donna: I know.
Mike: She told you?
Donna: Of course she told me, I can’t intuit everything. What am I the Dalia Lama?

Another week, another well-executed albeit unexceptional hour of Suits.

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