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"You're a regular Mother Theresa."


I genuinely don’t get why the-powers-that-be behind Suits think it’s a good idea to interrupt a season and split it in half. It brings the show’s momentum to a halt, and it’s just so very frustrating.

But then I wonder if a break is exactly what Suits needs. Maybe it’s because I binge-watched the first two seasons in the span of a couple of weeks, but I felt like this season was a real step down in quality (a notion this mid-season finale only reiterated). The reason? I couldn’t care less about this year’s needlessly complex legal case. I’m just tired of the Darby/Ava shenanigans, which felt like the same darn story week in-week out and that’s just NOT how you pull off a season-long arc. We can only hope the second half will rectify what eventually became a muddled mess.

Is anyone else surprised that Mike “secret” became a major issue again right out of the blue? I guess it wouldn’t be a Suits finale if we didn’t have to revisit this painfully recurrent plot point. At least there was a somewhat intriguing take on it this time as Louis finally stumbled onto the truth. Something tells me he’s going to be on the warpath come December, which should prove amusing to watch. The less said about his tedious tryst with Sheila however, the better.

I’ve been torn over Mike and Rachel’s relationship this season. They’re admittedly cute together, but  Mike is still as boring as toast, and the lovable Rachel hasn’t gotten much to do this season. Thankfully, the midseason finale contains what is probably the character’s standout scene from the entire show’s run: her badass confrontation with Jessica. Will mama superior really lift the Harvard ban for Robert Zane’s daughter? It’s a compelling turn, and one I’m eager to see followed up on.

I know it sounds like I’m being harsh on the show, but that’s only because I know it’s capable of greatness. That’s especially true where Harvey is concerned. How is he evolving exactly? He couldn’t offer Mike any love advice, and Scotty had to practically beg him to admit he “cared” for her. Will these two finally give it a proper shot now? Let’s see if Harvey experiences some growth during the second half of the year. It’s about time.

Pearson Bits

– Louis getting horny over his own picture and taking Sheila to bed was tremendously disturbing.

– Jessica was on fire this week; loved how she brilliantly got Donna to admit the truth regarding Mike and Rachel’s relationship.

– Tanner is delightfully evil in all his depositions. And he really brings out the big guns when it’s time to question Scotty.

– Donna’s awesome moment of the week: tricking Stephen and recording his confession.

– Harvey’s sorry plea to Ava felt pretty childish huh? I guess that’s the theme this week: people throwing tantrums and later apologizing.

– I sure hope Scotty joins Pearson full-time when the show comes back. I can never get enough of Abigail Spencer.

– I admit that I really enjoyed watching Rachel tell Mike she’s going to Columbia. He was pretty annoying about the whole thing though.

– Utterly priceless picture of Harvey in the Harvard files. Somebody frame that.

Firm Quips

Tanner: I just came to bring you a coffee in the morning.
Scotty: After meeting you, I’d say there’s an 80% chance there’s a roofie in there.

Stephen: So you got my affidavit; well written wouldn’t you say?
Mike: So is Lord of the Rings; but you know what they both are? Fiction.

While this was a highly entertaining mid-season finale from Suits, it stops short of greatness thanks to some ever recurring season-long missteps.

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  1. How Harvey ended the law suit with Ava was extremely lame compared to how he handled his previous cases. The happy endings for the relationships was soap opera- like. How many times are we gna revisit Mike being caught?!
    I can't believe someone wld cut a season in half.
    Hopefully second half restores the show's strengths

  2. Guys, I think you are missing the point. This entire episode (and the previous one) was about relationships – Ava feeling betrayed by Darby and its consequences, Rachel/Mike and consequences, Scotty/Harvey and consequences… There are more examples (Harvey/Tanner, Harvey/prosecutor, Lewis/Harold and EVEN Lewis/the cat). At the end of the day, this is what happens in real life. Things get complicated because no matter how many law degrees you have, you cant take the human element out of the game. I loved this episode, and I am not judging it as a season finale – it's just the resolution of this storyline.

    I think the reason you didnt like the Ava/Darby issue is that they are not likeable people, and yet, they are victims. Am I supposed to feel sorry for an oil tycoon? Hell no! But when I know she is innocent, and I know that she used to pretend to be Darby's girlfriend for the sake of her dad's happiness, I feel sorry for her and want her acquitted. I liked exploring how I feel about wanting to defend this woman in the first place. When you're treating people, you don't care what they have done with the lives, because it's your job to save theirs. It is very simple. I suppose there is more than one way to save lives and I need to come to grips with it to be able to condone some of the things done on this show.

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