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Nad’s News – Issue #1


Welcome to the first ever issue of Nad’s News – your weekly source for everything television. Whether it’s the latest castings, cancellations and renewals, or my picks for the must-download tune and promo of the week – Nad’s News is your ultimate weekly recap. So kick off your boots and enjoy.

Hot Topics

AMC Gets Desperate
With its critically acclaimed Breaking Bad coming to an end, AMC has determined that it can’t quite let Mad Men off the hook so easily (the final season was set to air this coming spring). And thus, AMC has taken the polarizing decision of splitting the seventh season in two (much like it did with Breaking Bad). Now, the first seven episodes will be airing in Spring 2014, while the back seven will hit the airwaves in Spring 2015! I can’t deny that this sounds like a highly strategic and profitable move, but really AMC? Why not call it two separate seasons? I know – because that means navigating tumultuous salary negotiations with the cast. Tsk tsk. Suffice to say, I’m NOT pleased.

P.S. Good luck keeping the ending under wraps. I seriously doubt your cast and crew will be able to keep a lid on the finale’s many secrets for a whole frickin’ year.

More Zombies Anyone?
The Walking Dead is definitely one of my favorite things on TV. It’s atmospheric, dark, and so very unsettling. But does the show really need a spinoff? Because that’s what AMC has in store for 2015. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll definitely be watching, but it’s yet another example of the network proving how desperate it is for a fresh hit. Let’s pray it doesn’t suck, much.

Guest-star Palooza
If there’s one show that’s consistently packed with the most talented array of guest-stars in town, it’s The Good Wife. And thankfully, a lot of those faces will be making a return in the acclaimed drama’s highly-anticipated fifth season. From Carrie Preston, America Ferrera, and Gary Cole, to John Noble, Nathan Lane, Michael J. Fox, and Matthew Perry, it’s going to be one helluva year. We’ve also got a number of newcomers including Talia Balsam, Jason O’Mara and Melissa George. Whew.

The Island’s Back!
Surivor‘s 27th season – titled Blood vs Water – premiered this week and it introduced a new twist to the proceedings: returning favorites facing off against their loved ones. Simply put, that premise has potential for a truly epic season (and that’s really saying something 13 years in). So many people write off Survivor as generic reality television when in fact, it’s a groundbreaking showcase of the human psyche in the midst of unspeakable odds. I have myself been watching the show since its debut in May 2000 – which makes it the longest running series I’ve ever been attached to. I honestly don’t think it will ever stop being a staple of my TV-watching experience, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

A Blood-y Promotion
Bailey Noble did a great job playing half-faerie Adilyn Bellefleur on True Blood this year, and she’s just been promoted to series regular. I have no doubt she’ll continue to be a very charming presence as the vampy drama heads into its seventh and final season. But please, let’s wipe that disastrous finale from memory okay?

A Hero is Born
And just like that, Glee alum Grant Gustin has been cast as The Flash in the CW’s upcoming adaptation of the DC superhero’s journey. Gustin will guest-star on Arrow for a couple of episodes before heading off to potentially headline his own show. There are a lot of expectations riding on this one; let’s see if Gustin can pull off the speedy superhero with the finesse that Stephen Amell displayed this year.

This Week In Ratings

Sleepy Hollow Soars
I don’t know if they’ll hold up, but the ratings for FOX’s newest drama, Sleepy Hollow, are extremely promising. And to top it off, the show got some pretty great reviews, not the least of which was mine (had to sneak that in there). If you haven’t given it a shot, now’s your chance.

The Mindy Project Flops
I was hoping people discovered The Mindy Project over the summer because the show’s first season was a wonderfully quirky surprise. Sadly, that was not the case, because even though the opener was released online a week before actually airing, the premiere didn’t really take off numbers-wise. Too bad, because it was a hilarious start to the year. Spread the word people.

Weekly Picks

Quote of the Week
“First I shot him, then he rose back up; beheading him seemed like the next logical step.”
– Ichabod Crane, Sleepy Hollow.

Episode of the Week
Devious Maids 1×13 – Totally Clean (Season Finale)
Yes, what started with a cheesy, atrocious pilot has morphed into one my most favorite guilty pleasures of the year. It’ll never be Desperate Housewives, but by God is it trying. This season finale wasn’t as great as the episodes leading up to it, but it further cemented just how far this ambitious little show has come.

Promo of the Week
After a messy sophomore season, all eyes are on this soapy thriller to see if it can regain its luster. Judging from this superb promo (and thanks to a new showrunner in charge), I’m definitely optimistic.

Must-Download Tune of the Week
The One by Nikki Harris 
A downright gorgeous song featured in Dark Angels season two episode She Ain’t Heavy. It’s wonderfully utilized in a touching sequence that culminates in a jawdropping action-paced moment. A must-listen.

Special Feature – Emmy Roundup

Outstanding Drama Series  
Breaking Bad

Outstanding Comedy Series
Modern Family

Standout Moment
Julia Louis Dreyfus’s epic speech after winning Best Actress in a Comedy for Veep. She brilliantly played it incharacter alongside Tony Hale (who also won). The latter held her purse throughout the speech and whispered things to say into her ear just like he does on the show. And to top it off, she even “forgot” his name while Anna Chlumsky texted on her Blackberry. Too perfect.

People who should have won
 Kerry Washington (Scandal), Sofia Vergara (Modern Family), Jessica Lange (American Horror Story), Sarah Paulson (American Horror Story), Ed O’Neal (Modern Family)

People I’m gad won
 James Cromwell (American Horror Story)

Here’s the complete list of winners and a brilliant dance sequence (start at 2:35) honoring a number of different shows including Mad Men, American Horror Story, and Game Of Thrones. 

That’s all for now kids. Drop by next Sunday for a fresh batch of delights, and feel free to send Nad any newsworthy updates you uncover throughout the week. Who knows, they just might get spotlighted in the next issue. Happy TV Binging.

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