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How I Met Your Mother 9×01/02 – The Locket / Coming Back

"This is the day we either saw Prince, or a really flamboyantly-dressed Greyhound."


Here we are – the season premiere of the final season of How I Met Your Mother. It’s no secret that I’ve been kind of disappointed by the show the past two years. Watching season eight in particular felt like a chore, as I never really found myself rushing to watch the next episode. I just did so out of habit (and because I love the gang so much). Thankfully, this season is one to get excited about, because it promises to do things a little bit differently.

The concept of season nine is inspired: 24 episodes revolving around Barney and Robin’s three-day wedding weekend. Naturally this means a ton of flash-forwards and time-jumps, not to mention a host of our favorite recurring gags and iconic guest-stars. It’s a risky move to be sure, but it’s also bold and unpredictable, and that’s exactly what the show needs right now.

Of course the real meat of the hour was our proper introduction to the Mother. I must say, Cristin Milioti’s performance definitely surpassed my expectations. The girl epitomizes “adorkable” and she’s just bursting with likeability. In fact, you totally get how Lilly could hit it off with her so quickly. In addition, we got a small glimpse of her dynamic with Ted at the end and their instant chemistry genuinely amazed me. You truly believe they’re meant to be together and that’s quite the achievement. It also has me wondering: will the writers hold off on her meeting Ted until the finale? Because it would be pretty incredible to have her meet his friends over the course of the season and have them fall in love with her first.

If this two-hour premiere had any flaws, it would be Barney and Robin’s subplot (I’m of course referring to the limo material in the first hour). Who thought for a second they could be related? It was a forced subplot that felt too much like a stalling tactic. I do hope the show will avoid such storylines going forward, because there’s no room for unnecessary filler in the final season. But hey, at least the limo gave us Ranjit again.

Slaps & Bits

– Lilly banging her head in the car to free herself of Ted = epic.

– Love the wild cards, especially Aunt Shelly (the wild bra-less dance machine).

– Marshall’s mom on dial-up killed me.

– Awesome touch: the photo Ted gives Robin is the same one from the opening credits. Sadly we later realize that he did indeed go to LA for the locket.

– How hysterical was Sherri Shepard’s guest-starring turn as Daphne? I absolutely loved her banter with Marshall, and the fact that she came back for him in the end. Let’s hope she sticks around for a couple of episodes. “Just click on options!

– If anyone had any doubt about Robin and Barney being meant for each other, I think finishing each other’s creepy telepathic thoughts was proof enough.

– Who else missed Lilly’s demon eyes?

– I can’t decide who I liked more: the old car-rental guy with “The Monstrosity”, or Curtis the concierge and his never-ending sympathy for Ted.

– The gypsy curse with “hornier” cracked me up. The creativity on the show astounds me sometimes.

– Comedy gold: the “thank you Linus” bit. I love Alyson Hannigan; why hasn’t this woman won an Emmy yet?

– The final scene with The Mother and Present & Future Ted was poignant and brilliantly constructed.

Quips From The Gang

Robin: We know we won’t have kids.
Barney: And even if we did. King’s Joffrey’s parents were brother and sister, and he was a fair and wise leader.

Barney: Well you have certainly piqued my incest uh, interest.

Daphne: You let this guy beat you!
Employee: Ma’am it’s not a race.
Old guy: That right there is why you LOST!

A promising and ambitious start to How I Met Your Mother‘s final season.

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  1. I absolutely loved the season premiere… I totally agree with Robin and Barney's subplot being unnecessary and forced. Nevertheless I believe we are in for a great season.

    Ted and the mom have great chemistry from what we saw at the end and I am looking forward to see how she will be introduced to the other members of the gang… Oh and Curtis the concierge cracked me up!!

  2. Great review, and great premiere from Carter Bays, Craig Thomas and the gang!

    One of my favorite moments was definitely Lily and the Mother as they talked on the train (when are we going to find out her name, by the way?!) and Ted's voice-overs revealing to us how he and the Mother are soul-mates because they love the same things.

    Also, this voice-over made me smile: “And kids, that's how your aunt Lily met your mother.”

    There's no denying that the final moments of the hour-long premiere stole the entire show as we finally got to see Ted and the Mother interacting in what may be the cutest, most adorable little scene ever. Seeing Ted all sad and desperate in the present, staring at his drink, then flashing within SECONDS to Future Ted, all happy and romantic… Yes, this show has had its ups and downs for the past 8 to 9 years, but there's a reason we're still watching. And it's not just because of Barney Stinson and Neil Patrick Harris' incredible stunts. But also because we've been waiting for this incredible love story to just start already.

    And I, for one, cannot wait.

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