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Sleepy Hollow 1×02 – Blood Moon

"He's my ex. We weren't betrothed. There was no betrothing."


I was afraid of this; Sleepy Hollow debuted with a heavily serialized pilot, but FOX obviously mandated the inclusion of standalone stories to string us along between the Horseman’s appearances (why couldn’t he just chop some heads every week?). That’s fine and all, but the standalones have to do better than the overdone monster-of-the-week format. Nevertheless, I’ll give the show the benefit of the doubt at least for a couple of episodes, since Ichabod and Abbie’s banter continues to entertain me.

This week’s demon is a charred witch who was visually impressive, but not much more. Besides managing to capture a bullet with her bare hands, she didn’t really feel like an engrossing antagonist (and how could she? She was only onscreen for a few minutes at a time). In addition, she was dealt with way too quickly. Let’s hope this was just a one time thing and further baddies are more absorbing, because this subplot was devoid of any real thrills.

Interestingly, it seems like death won’t mean a thing on Sleepy Hollow as both Andy and Corbin returned this week after losing their heads in the pilot. It’s usually a cause for alarm when death starts losing its impact (an issue that’s quite prevalent on shows like The Vampire Diaries). However, both returns didn’t annoy me in the slightest. The former’s appearance was particularly gruesome (I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get that image of his elongated neck and dangling head out of my mind), while the latter had an especially touching scene with Abbie. I just loved the apple pie / ice cream allegory he used. Call me a softie I guess.

Thankfully, we still got some long-term mythology bits alongside the mundane standalone plot; we were introduced to Abbie’s sister who’s still in the insane asylym training for God-knows-what until the show’s monstrous Big Bad pays her a visit. I’m definitely intrigued to see where this goes. Who else is hoping she’ll join the forces of evil?

Headless Bits

– Woah, I LOVE the opening credits. They’re creative and atmospheric. So few shows still go through the effort of constructing a proper one these days; they all resort to a lame title card. How refreshing. Kudos show.

– Really awesome touch with Abbie leaving post-its with instructions for Ichabod all over the motel room. She does care for him doesn’t she?

– Abbie’s ex, Luke, made his first appearance this week. Naturally, he’s already butting heads with Ichabod.

– I think the biggest compliment I can give the show is that it generates a real sense of that cozy small-town feel. True Blood and Ghost Whisperer had that their first few seasons before they both went nuts.

– Crane dropping the gun and assuming it only carried one bullet was beyond hilarious.

Crane Quips

Abbie: I will literally pay you to step talking.
Ichabod. I would happily accept since I’m need of currency.

Ichabod: We must find her before she completes her resurrections, and return her to the ashes from where she came.
Abbie: Meaning we burn her to the ground?
Ichabod: Oh, with great enthusiasm.

Abbie: What are you doing? You dropped your gun.
Ichabod: It was empty.
Abbie: You only fired one shot.
Ichabod: It has more?

A passable albeit significantly weaker outing than the pilot. Step it up, Sleepy Hollow.

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