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Dark Angel 2×21 – Freak Nation (Series Finale)

"Two million years of human evolution and this is what we get: you morons."


Crafting a proper series finale has to be one of the most daunting tasks in the business. No two fans can ever agree on how their favorite show should end, and trying to please them all is a downright impossible task. Dark Angel‘s series finale generated enormous backlash back in 2002, since the show was renewed on a Friday, then infamously cancelled the following Monday. It was an aggravating move by the network (thank you FOX), as the show was left standing with a colossal cliffhanger and a bunch of loose ends. But if you look closer, Freak Nation is not only a sensational hour of television, it’s a very satisfying conclusion to Max Guevara’s groundbreaking journey.

When Freak Nation’s director dropped out at the last moment, acclaimed filmmaker and Dark Angel co-creator James Cameron stepped in to helm what would end up being his baby’s final hour. The finale wastes absolutely no time dropping us right in the middle of utter chaos when Joshua and a pregnant transgenic get exposed and turn to Jam Pony for cover. It’s in this very location, that Max’s personal life and the show’s entire mythology collide in epic fashion. Cameron is a master of suspense, and his stamp is all over the 90-minute production. He brilliantly escalates the tension and builds to one hell of a riveting climax, elevating the show into a whole other level of awesomeness. It’s just a shame he didn’t intervene earlier in the season when the show was floundering between standalone hours and atrocious freaks of the week.

There aren’t many words to describe the finale’s epic 20-minute faceoff between good and evil. It’s an exhilarating achievement on a technical level — the blood-pumping music, the incredibly-staged choreography, the way the good guys slowly gain the upper hand against their attackers – the whole thing is worthy of blockbuster status. The real jewel here is Max meeting her match in the ultimate girl-fight of the series as she clashes with Thula, the Phalanx leader. Our heroine endures a major beating before finally getting empowered and using her wits to flip off a wall and chain her opponent to a pole (as the end of the Dark Angel theme rousingly kicks in).

But it’s not just Max who gets to kick ass, Joshua finally gets his vengeance on White and it’s immensely satisfying to watch him go berserk and throw the baddie around like a rag-doll. Naturally, Max stops Joshua from taking the baddie’s life because of the message that would send to the public, but it’s still gratifying. Alec on the other hand doesn’t get to kick too much ass (after getting shot and all), but his almost-defeat gives Logan his hero moment of the series as he sends a Phalanx warrior flying thanks to an exoskeleton-charged superkick. Too cool!

Interestingly enough, Normal is the perfect embodiment of Dark Angel’s central theme. Throughout the last couple of episodes, his bigotry and hate were never more apparent, but it’s here after he delivers a transgenic baby that he finally understands Max’s cause. This is showcased when he pops up on the news at the end and proclaims that transgenics are no more monstrous than the rest of us. It’s a beautiful message, and I’m grateful that the writers managed to afford Normal, a character who was often relegated to comedic relief, such a pivotal moment.

Moreover, Freak Nation‘s final sequence is just plain stunning. The reporter from the teaser returns and assesses the situation: the transgenics are barricaded inside Terminal City while the police wait outside the fence. And as the transgenics raise Joshua’s freak flag up high, Max and Logan stand side by side. Logan then utters the final line of the series “Now look at what you’ve done” – a powerful, all-encompassing statement that conveys Max’s amazing journey. Her response? She doesn’t say a word (much like Buffy in her series finale). Instead, she and Logan squeeze each other’s (gloved) hands and stare out into an uncertain future. It’s just magnificent.

Max’s final speech to the transgenics is also a thing of beauty, and Alba delivers her strongest performance ever. There’s a distinct air of confidence to Alba’s portrayal this week, (probably due to Cameron’s direction) that really befits her finally assuming the leadership role that represents her entire two-season journey. Max’s evolution is a beautiful allegory for anyone who’s ever felt different. In the end, the girl who was always “looking over her shoulder”, finally stepped up to the plate… and that’s pretty profound.

Post-Pulse Bits

– I could never find it, but apparently when the finale originally aired on FOX, it started with Max on the Space Needle recapping the series for first-timers tuning in to check out James Cameron’s TV directorial debut. (If anyone can find the clip, please share it, as I’ve been searching for it for the longest time). Here’s the voiceover transcript which I found online:
“Here in post-Pulse Seattle, my home, my friends, and my family are under fire. See I was cooked up in a gene-splicing lab by an outfit called Manticore. They trained us to be soldiers, but really, we were slaves. Nine months ago, I torched the place and set everybody free–let them out into the world. Government’s been trying to catch us ever since. The public is afraid; we are hunted, hated, and living in fear. Thank God for Logan. Even though we can’t be together, on account of this virus Manticore put in me because they want him dead–long story, don’t ask–he’s still there for me, and he’s helping me figure out what this black-ops government guy in charge of hunting me down is really up to. Turns out he’s part of some weird ancient cult dealio–several thousand years of selective breeding, so they got some pretty nasty tricks up their sleeves. For some reason, they want me dead in a big way, and I’ve got a bad feeling they’re not going to give up until they get what they want.”

– The teaser is one of my absolute favorites with a gorgeous leather-attired Max pulling up in front of a group of thugs, throwing a zinger, and crashing through the gang’s flaming X before landing in Terminal City. Cameron’s touch is all over this sequence with a Terminator-esque panning shot starting with Max’s leg to those kickass shades. And it’s really the hottest Alba has ever looked.

– Lovely moment with Joshua explaining the symbolic meaning behind the flag he painted. It’s so very poignant.

– The introduction of Thula and the Phalanx – the cult’s “elite warrior breeding line” – is exciting setup for the finale. I just wish Lita (who plays Thula) was a better actress. She’s sort of cringeworthy to watch.

– Logan slowly undressing Max and inspecting the ruins on her body as she she reacts to every touch is a surprisingly erotic scene. Sadly, it’s the closest these two ever got to actual sexual contact (since the season one finale dream doesn’t really count).

– Max has a new catsuit this week. It’s different than the iconic from season one, but it’s still gorgeously befitting of her.

– Joshua says FUBAR, which White previously mentioned in Dawg Day Afternoon.

– Love the moment with Max sliding her bike, then driving off with purpose. “Go for Max”. Wow.

– Chilling moment with Joshua and company entering Jam Pony in slow-motion as Normal watches on, completely horrified.

– Alec’s best moment: saving his own kind and disarming Normal (who idolized him). His move is similar to Max disarming Normal in She Ain’t Heavy.

–  Watching Max ride the hoverdrone and crash it into Jam Pony feels like a bonafide full-circle moment for the show. It’s an empowering and symbolic moment for the character as she’s been avoiding these pesky devices since the pilot. She doesn’t just impose her power over it in the finale, she surfs it! Sadly, the CGI is somewhat cheap as you can see Jessica’s face pasted on the stunt double’s in some shots. Still it doesn’t take away from an awesome development. “Who ordered a pizza?” I’ll have a few.

– Cindy once again steps up this week in defense of her friends when the Jam Pony crew begin judging her. I particularly love her offering herself up as a human shield during the hostage crisis.

– When Logan sees the hoverdrone footage on TV, he immediately put on the exoskeleton and jumps right into action. Later on, he literally jumps to save Max during the hostage situation. Why wasn’t Mr. Eyes Only more involved in the action throughout the show’s run?

– It’s worth noting that Freak Nation sees the introduction of Detective Clemente, a sarcastic yet determined detective who was surely going to be an integral part of the show going forward. His dynamic with Max is immediately absorbing, as a mutual respect is born between them, and he commends her efforts to reach a peaceful resolution. I particularly love the way he handles White and his “lady friend” (Otto).

– I kind of want to try Thula’s funky pull-up training trick. She’s a tough mama ain’t she?

– The various news clips showcasing various anti-transgenic rants really ratchet up the tension. The old lady is particular is horrifying as she states that transgenics are worse than animals and they “don’t have souls.” It’s also heartbreaking to watch Joshua protectively hold Max as they watch.

– White pulls off a devious move as he foils the peaceful negotiations between Max and Clemente to escalate the situation. This leads to the death of an X5 called Cece. Much like Annie and Biggs, we didn’t get to know her previously, thus lessening the impact when she dies in Max’s arms.

– Max and Mole butt heads quite a few times throughout the episode. I imagine their dynamic would have been a huge part of season three (with Joshua being torn in the middle).

– There’s one really bad line in this episode (it might be the worst of the entire show’s run). “The thing about freedom is, it’s never free.” Really Logan? Oy.

– Normal’s dad was a diary farmer. Ha, why am I not surprised?

– One of the show’s most marvelous moments ever: the slow-motion buildup as Max watches Logan and Mole argue about her being the chosen one while their voices begin to drown out. Then she has an epiphany and there’s that spectacular dolly zoom as everything goes quiet and she utters the prophetic line: “They’re coming”. Mega chills.

– After Max communicates with her team via sign language, there’s a great twist with them landing from above onto the Phalanx and starting the fight.

– For the last time ever, I’ll compliment Alba yet again: I love how drop dead gorgeous she looks with the moonlight shining through Jam Pony as she rips the helmet off Thula. I think I still have a crush on her because of this episode.

– Max’s “Just Bring It” line is The Rock’s catchphrase, a subtle nod to Lita’s WWE affiliation. Alba’s delivery of this zinger (coupled with that glare) is spot-on.

– Interesting note: WWE wrestler Lita (who plays Thula) broke her neck during filming when Alba’s stunt double dropped her on her neck. She had a terrible experience (I read her biography) as the crew were very careless with her.

– Lita performs a number of her signature WWE movies throughout the fight including the hurricanrana and the moonsault.

– How many glass panes are there in Jam Pony? I can’t deny that seeing so many people get thrown through them really emphasizes the final battle’s collateral damage.

– I adore Max flicking White on the nose after uttering “Fenos tol bitch” – a line we’ve been hearing the Familiars babble on for at least half a season. Too perfect.

– Gem’s shining moment: punching the Phalanx out in the midst of giving birth. Plus, we discover her baby has no barcode, which as Max points out… makes her “free”.

– Brilliant resolution with Max faking capture as the non-transgenics pretend to be Phalanx agents (even Sketchy), and Clemente hilariously finds White and the gang in their underwear.

– Max is such a badass when she refuses to get down on her knees at the end. It’s here we realize that bringing Clemente and the police to Terminal City was part of her plan, as the transgenics surround them (much like what happened in She Ain’t Heavy).

– I love that Max gives her final speech not just in front of transgenics, but in front of Logan and Cindy – two ordinary people who proudly watch her step into this role, and who join in raising their fists in unity (with that goosebump-inducing score). Gives me chills every time.

– Logan and Max never mention the Alec debacle, and while it feels like a grave loose end, maybe the show is better for it.

Barbs & Barcodes

Max: Ever notice how drug dealers have no sense of humor when it comes to money?

Logan: (putting on gloves) Basic CDC procedure.
Max: Yeah, to protect you against your biohazard girlfriend.

Logan: If Sandeman put these in your genome from day one, like your barcode, then it’s part of a plan.
Max: Yeah, well, instead of turning my skin into a JumboTron, why didn’t he give me something I could use, like X-ray vision or something?

Mole: (to Joshua) We don’t run, we fall back.

Normal: Okay, you’re safe now.
Alec: No…(he disarms him) …I’m safe now.

Normal: My golden boy’s a mutant.
Alec: We prefer “genetically empowered.”
Normal: Take me, Jesus.
Mole: Careful what you wish for.

Max: What’s that?
Alec: It’s a hole in my body made by a bullet.
Max: Been there, done that. Check the news.

Sketchy: Hey, Max. I was hoping you might possibly be interested in having me interview you about your life as a hot transgenic female on the run in post-Pulse America?
Max: No.

Cindy: Please tell me that he is not the baby daddy.
Gem: He was another X-5. We were breeding partners.
Cindy: That sounds real romantic.

White: Look at them. When we carry her out in a body bag, they’ll be clapping and cheering. They’ll never know that she was their only hope.

Max: Wait for my signal. We hit hard, we hit fast, and we don’t back off. This is for all the marbles, people.

Max: Bring around your muscle queens anytime. I’ll be happy to kick their ass.
White: We are not finished.
Max: Fe’nos tol, bitch. (She flicks him on the nose)

Clemente: I think you better get down on the ground.
Max: Actually, I think you should probably go.
Clemente: I’m not gonna tell you again.
Max: I’m not gonna tell YOU again. (The transgenics surround him)

Max: Where are we gonna go? I can’t stop anyone from leaving, but I’m through running and hiding and being afraid. I’m not gonna live my life like that anymore. Aren’t you tired of living in darkness? Don’t you want to feel the sun on your face? To have a place of your own where you can walk down the street without being afraid? They made us, and they trained us to be soldiers, to defend this country. It’s time for them to face us and take responsibility, instead of trying to sweep us away like garbage. We were made in America and we’re not going anywhere. So they call us freaks; who cares? Today I’m proud to be a freak. And today we’re gonna make a stand, right here. Who’s with me?
(Max raises her fist into the air. Everyone does the same).

Reporter: So you’re saying they’re not all monsters, then?
Normal: Monsters? No. No more than you and me.

The Mythology 

In the season two DVD commentary, writers/producers Moira Dekker and Chris Eglee revealed Dark Angel‘s mythology along with their plans for season three. Here is the transcription:

Many thousands of years ago, a comet passed closely through the atmosphere of the Earth, and deposited viral material that killed 97% of the human race. Some people survived thanks to a genetic predisposition, some kind of antibody or immunity. The great pyramids in Egypt were actually genetic repositories, preserving the DNA of the survivors. This cult was an ancient blood cult that passed on this genetic immunity to selective members to keep this antibody against the return of the comet (which was set to happen in Season 3) so that they’d survive for being genetically select. Everybody else on the planet would perish and the members of the cult would be there to rebuild civilization, and thus inherit the earth.

Sandeman, Max’s creator, was a man who jumped from this cult to implement this immunity genetic technology into the rest of human society through Manticore. He believed that everybody deserved the cure. The other cult members deemed Sandeman a heretic and a threat, undermining their goals of rebuilding humanity in their own image.

Max was going to be the savior of the human race. Sandeman finally found out how to give this genetic immunity to everyone through Max. There were multiple ideas of how to spread Max’s immunity to humanity, including: an air burst that would spread the antibody and disperse through the human race, saving everyone from the comet, or the immunity would be attached to the virus spread through the common cold (for example Original Cindy sneezing would be part of the beginning of the immunity spread).

The irony is that transgenics would save the human race even though they were hated by them. The alternate irony is that no one was even going to know that it happened (if Cindy sneezed and spread the immunity for example). Other developments in season three? Logan’s body would start rejecting Joshua’s transfusion, the virus would be cured, and Sandeman would be found.


When Dark Angel first got cancelled in 2002, I was heartbroken. Truth be told, FOX’s moronic decision still makes me bitter to this very day. However, something interesting has happened; I don’t feel like Dark Angel is an unfinished story anymore. Sure the show could have gone on for quite a while plot-wise (the transgenic-human war is a premise that could have been mined for seasons), but Max’s journey IS complete. In the pilot, we were introduced to a girl who could care less about the status quo of a dystopic world; she was on the run, and she was hellbent on hiding who she really was. But by the end of the finale, she’s at the forefront of a transgenic revolution, having established a freak nation right in the heart of Seattle. Her journey is monumental. So yes, it does take the sting out of an unjust cancellation, because fans can find solace in the notion that Max’s character arc did come to a close. She wasn’t going to just save the world from a “biblical” apocalypse, she was going to bring real change to a broken world as she finally accepted her destiny as a leader.

Yes Dark Angel ended too soon; there’s no way around that. But Freak Nation rectified a messy season, and still managed to come out on top with a bold and thrilling series finale that few shows can rival, and which works as a thematic bookend to the series. Thank you Cameron, Alba, and the entire cast and crew for creating one of my most favorite things in the world. I have no doubt that I’ll continue to revisit this breathtaking world for a long time to come.

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  1. That was upsettingly good. I had hoped it would be horrible, but now I'm really disappointed the show didn't get another season. I'm guessing season three would've been my favorite. The last few episodes were my favorite of the show's run! Bummer. I loved Joshua's flag and the raising of it over Terminal City. I loved the fake hostage stuff (so much) and Sketchy and Normal's realizations that transgenics aren't bad people. It wasn't totally satisfying, but it did wrap up a lot of the show's general themes.

  2. Wonderful to hear. You're actually taking it rather well, the entire fanbase went into a depression after the was cancelled (myself included for a couple of years). But now over a decade later, I've realized that it's somewhat fitting from a character perspective. So pleased you ended up enjoying the show, and that this final run of episodes was your favorite (so many fans DETESTED season two, but I think it has many strengths). I take it you overall preferred the second to the first? I think both are flawed and solid in different ways so they complement each other well.

  3. I don't know if I'd say I preferred the second season. A lot of it, particularly the early episodes, was quite silly and I agree that the love triangles PLUS the virus was definite overkill. It's hard to say. I think Alba's acting improved over time, so that might be coloring my perception as well.

  4. Wow, all these years I never knew there was a commentary discussing plans for season 3. My problem with season two is that each episode seemed separate from the rest of the season. If each episode had a good cliffhanger then I feel like more people would have watched and enjoyed it. The show relied for a good time too much on Alba's looks that would make people watch(I actually read recently that she discussed in an interview how the show made her feel objectified, and I totally agree with her) and not so much on the storyline. Anyway, great review. This show will always hold a special place in my heart.

  5. Thank you Rachel for commenting. I love meeting fans who still love the show 🙂 And yes it's a pity how objectified she was (especially in Gill Girl with the stripping scene). Hope you enjoyed reading the rest of the reviews!

  6. Thank you for writing these wonderful reviews, I enjoyed reading them.
    Dark Angel became my second favorite show after someone from the House M.D. fandom told me about it last year. It seems that I missed lots of fun in the Dark Angel fandom because I discovered the series so late. (House M.D. is my alltime favorite show and it is kinda sad that I can’t find reviews to it on this website.)

    After browsing through the remaining places of the Dark Angel fandom, I found out that almost the only ones who like season 2 better than season 1 (or at least equally), are the Alec/Jensen Ackles fans and the Max/Alec shippers.

    In my opinion the only bright spot in season 2 is the introduction of Joshua. At first he was creeping me out a little bit but very soon I began to adore him. This tragic character has a funny sense of humor and my heart broke for him about as often as he made me laugh.

    I am a Max/Logan shipper and detest the virus storyline. The virus was a great idea to keep Max and Logan apart for a while and it would have been OK if this only had lasted for a couple of episodes, but watching Max and Logan being kept apart by the virus over the entire season broke my heart over and over again. This virus should have been cured by the middle of season 2 at the latest.

    The other thing I wasn't very fond of was the storyline around Ames White and the snake/breeding cult. IMO, they could have skipped it and concentrated more on Max and Logan successfully finding a lasting cure for the virus, find Sandeman, letting Max do some missions for Lydecker and move up Freak Nation into the middle of the season and spent the second half of season two with the solution of the siege. I love how the “Cape Haven Writers Group” solved it in their “Virtual season 3” fanfiction.

    At first I was kinda indifferent regarding Alec and found him a funny character at times. But since I discovered the fanfictions in which the writers put him in a relationship with Max and basically steal Logan his girlfriend, I began to resent that TPTB introduced him into the series.
    I can understand that Alec's fans want him to have a hot girlfriend but choosing Max for this part is so wrong on so many levels.
    I don't get the Max/Alec shipping in a romantically sense. Alec is a clone/twin of Ben who Max considers as her brother. IMO, this gives the romantically Max/Alec ship an incestuous and negative connotation. Manticore was pervert enough to make him to Max breeding partner. No need to bring this kind of perversity up to eleven with putting Max and Alec in a relationship outside Manticore in the real world.
    I would like to know what Jensen Ackles thinks about it that some of his fans support such an ethically/morally questionable and incestuous relationship like the one between Alec and Max. (?)

    By the way, I created a Dark Angel series timeline with kimiM’s help!
    You can find it here http://eyes-only-net.livejournal.com/317.html and there http://eyes-only-net.dreamwidth.org/?s2id=2103004
    Please let me know if you discover mistakes or have something to add!

  7. Hi Violett,

    Thanks a lot for all your comments. It was a pleasure to read them all. I'm glad you discovered my site 🙂
    I'll be sure to check out your timeline!

    And yes the Max/Alec thing has been a point of contention between fans for over a decade. I definitely agree that Max and Logan are endgame by far 🙂

    Also, I've never watched House. That's why no reviews! Maybe I'll give it a shot some day!

    Thanks again for the kind words.

  8. I have no idea where to start so instead I'll just say that Dark Angel made its way up to my all-time favorite TV show ever and it sucks that this IS IT. I still have to get used to no more DA in my life and I don't know what to do without it now! Just as there isn't a show like Dark Angel on TV, there really is no a character like Max. And it's all because the sharp writing created a complex, layered character that's hard not to fall in love with, and Jessica Alba was phenomenal in the role. I can't imagine anyone else playing Max instead. No, just no.

    I don't want to say that I'm okay with the show ending, but I'm definitely okay with the show ending LIKE THIS. It definitely has a series-finale vibe to it, honestly, and instead of leaving with a sour taste in my mouth (hey, Wayward Pines), Dark Angel leaves me EXTREMELY satisfied for some reason. I mean, I get why most fans were destroyed by the cancellation news (especially after being renewed two days earlier), but wasn't this such a perfect ending? Seriously, had season 3 been the final season, could they have POSSIBLY topped this ending? Wouldn't it have been too hard (if not literally impossible) to end the show on a higher note than “Freak Nation”? I'm left with a HUGE grin on my face, not even the slightest disappointment, and any show that leaves you with that kind of reaction is a show that succeeded in coming full-circle, even though DA didn't even know it was leaving us at that point. So the fact that they delivered their best episode ever (yes, this is BY FAR my favorite episode) while thinking they had more to give is another testament to how this show was never NEVER afraid to cross lines, take risky game-changing moves, be different and unique and creepy. How many current shows can we describe like that without giving a “but they flopped somewhere else..” statement? DA didn't flop mythology or plot-wise. It had weak episodes but look where those lead us.

    The fact that I didn't notice we didn't have a real Logan/Max/Alec conclusion until the final scene happened speaks volumes of how epic everything else was in this hour long finale. I don't think I have EVER (nor will I ever, probably) seen a fight sequence that long, that exhilarating, that beautiful. It was beyond satisfying, especially with Max's wall-flip and Logan's super kick. JUST WOW. In fact, if there's a reason I wanted a season 3, it's because I would've loved to see the writers develop more action-related storylines for Logan. His involvement here was TOO good, and I can't think of another show or movie that's attempted to integrate its “hero's love interest” into the “hero's action battles” so perfectly like that. Heck, even Cindy, Sketchy and Normal all had their shining moments. Normal speaking with the reporter on TV honestly teared me up. I love the look on his face. “Monsters? No. Not more than you and me.” THIS is the mythology of Dark Angel and I'm just… uff, I'm speechless.

    Seriously, if only James Cameron had interfered even earlier! Because it showed here. I didn't care for the red-haired lady but it sucks to hear that the crew were that careless with their actors. It's even more depressing reading the plans for season 3 because that whole thing sounds like it would have been epic on every level. Very reminiscent of Heroes, I guess? Haha, I just need to make comparisons.

    Max's speech in the end was also too thrilling, with that incredible music playing. I never would've thought she would say something like “they made us…it's time for them to take responsibility”. Magnificent. And the detective was so delightful to watch, especially the way he appreciates Max's efforts to reach a peaceful resolution.

  9. I reached the maximum comment limit :p


    You know what, no maybe I am mad now 😛 Just imagining how season 3 would start. Perhaps with the flag or the space needle (wish we had one more of those). Or Logan and Max kissing (which would be a fakeout because we can't have enough of those). No, I kid of course, this was still satisfying. Thank you Nadim for introducing me to this show! It was so much fun reading my thoughts (um, I mean, your thoughts) one every single episode.

    Okay, now what?

  10. Chris I absolutely LOVED reading your mini-review here. I remember being so depressed when the show ended years ago, but reading your review, it further proved to me that this was indeed the show going out on a high. I love reading that you felt SO satisfied and not disappointed at all. When I wrote this review, I tried to be as positive as possible, and part of me felt I was trying to lie to myself and convince myself that it was a good ending. But no, reading your comments all throughout the episodes and then this one, I realize that this was indeed a perfect hour. How the hell could they have POSSIBLY topped James Cameron taking the show to new highs like this? Sure we would have loved to see the mythology further explored, more Logan action, more resolutions and more kickass awesomeness, but at least the show left with a bang (unlike True Blood and so many other shitty series finales etc…). Please don't compare Dark Angel to Heroes though 😛 Not even comparable haha

    And like you said, EVERY character had a shining moment. What more could we want? And the Normal line. I never realized how powerful it was until you so eloquently said that THAT Line is the mythology of the show. SO TRUE. It says so much about human nature and how despicable we can be!

    You also convinced me that even though DA had weak episodes, it never flopped mythology wise! So many people are quick to hate on this show's second season (even Jessica alba herself I've read several interviews where she shits on season two), and maybe the Network did interfere too much by mandating mutants, but at least Cameron took the whole thing out on a high. And in the end, it's about characters, and Max's character is still the most badass of all time. So glad it's you're favorite! We continue to be TV soulmates! 😀

  11. I disagree with you on only one thing: the bad line of the episode. I don't really mind Logan's freedom line – it's not great admittedly but I don't think it's terrible. However, I hate Max asking “who ordered a pizza?” I never felt like it fitted in that otherwise brilliant moment.

    I've really enjoyed reading your reviews alongside re-watching the show. Dark Angel remains one of my favourite TV series to date. This finale manages to balance giving us a satisfying conclusion whilst leaving us with the knowledge that the story isn't finished. I still want to see what season 3 would have looked like though!

  12. Thank you so much for your comment anonymous. I love meeting other Dark Angel fans 🙂

    Interesting how we contrast on those two lines! Hahaha

  13. Just rewatched that fight sequence and IT WAS JUST SO DARN EPIC. And I'm still obsessed with Normal's line at the end about monsters.

    What a show.

    You can probably tell I'm suffering from post-Dark Angel blues all of a sudden.

  14. Hhahah BEST FIGHT SCENE EVER! And it's normal to still get depressed. Every few weeks I feel the same and rewatch my fave scenes 🙂 Woohoo love that you're keeping DA alive!

  15. My first comment will be about this finale, the planned season 3 & comparing DA to Joss’ work. My second comment after this is on the season, comparing it to season 1 & the show as a whole. This is the epitome of a series finale-and it wasn’t even planned to be one, which is the beauty of it! This is one of those episodes that proves how DA is a master of crucial episodes. The first time I watched this, my heart was racing so much for almost the entire time, especially when the Phalanx get inside Jam Pony & Gem’s trying so hard to keep quiet. James Cameron is such a master of suspense! Joshua’s flag symbolism was both beautiful and heartbreaking. I just hate the cruelty of the humans on the transgenics, especially since it relates so much to the real world & as Normal says, how humans see each other, especially based on appearance like with the transgenics. Max’s speech at the end was amazing & of course, my favorite music is playing as she talks. She not only has the heart of a leader (Zack) but now truly is one. Love her quote of “I’m proud to be a freak” as you say, it relates perfectly to anyone who feels different. It’s so sad though how she doesn’t have any of her brothers & sisters from season 1 with her. As for season 3, I’m fully satisfied with this finale as the end of Max’s story, but season 3 does sound interesting & it’s so sweet how Max was supposed to save the human race. I heard everything about how Joss had influence on Fox & sabotaged DA so firefly replaced it & while I did find firefly/serenity good, they just can’t beat DA for me. In fact, neither can Buffy nor Angel, both of which I was a huge fan of years ago. But now, I just find DA so superior to them both. Buffy had such childish writing imo & I feel that the best episodes don’t make an entire season good, especially 4-7. Angel was my favorite because it had less childish writing & was a more mature show filled with responsibilities. But I still find it easier to rewatch DA over them. In fact, I’m going as far to say that DA season 1 was better than any of B/A’s combined 12.

  16. Now, about this season: it was overall really good. Every single episode had something important, even the weak ones: for episode 4, it was the start of the war on transgenics, episode 5-Max has a self-realization, episode 6-Isaac shows the dark side of the transgenics, episode 8-Max & Logan get a lucky break, episode 10-Brain brings some diversity by being an overweight character, episode 12-Logan & Max say they love each other, episode 14-Logan’s talk with Rain. It wasn’t a terrible season like I originally thought & isn’t as consistent as the 1st, but really holds its own. I still love season 1 a bit more because of how dark & disturbing it was, but this season, especially toward the end, is scary in a realistic way. Nothing holds a candle to this underrated & under appreciated show. Every single episode is different & distinguishable. For instance, if I want to see the episode with Ben, I know that’s pollo loco, if I want to see the one with Jude, that’s prodigy. For season 2, the one with Rachel, Barrisford Agenda, the one with cdc, harbor lights. DA is easy to repeatedly watch & is my favorite show ever. Thank you Nadim for your time on all these reviews.

  17. I’ve been a Dark Angel fan since it originally aired, but kind of forgot about it until last year. Then I bought the DVD set and get hooked again. Great characters and a great story in Season 1 that was very strong. Despite being cancelled I will read the two follow up books that complete the story by Max Allan Collins, Skin Game (right after Freak Nation) and After the Dark (the real ‘finale’ of the story of Max). This was really a strong show that somehow got off track for a bit and if it’s ratings were today what they were then would certainly have been renewed. Jessica Alba made the character and the show what it was, and has gone on to become a huge success. Even if not as much as one would have thought in film/tv, certainly in the business world with her ‘Honest’ company. Nonetheless I’m also happy to finally find a blog with real commentary on the episodes and fans still posting even into 2018!

    1. Thank you so much DanelT that means so much to me to see DA fans discovering the show and appreciating these reviews years later! Hope you enjoyed reading them!

  18. First off it is 2019, and I hope more people revisit this series!!! As for your review it was amazing! I too loved the fact that the last episode was set at jam pony! I always liked Notmal’s character and his line at the end was wonderful just like you said! I also loved that Joshua got to exert a little revenge on White for what he did to Anne (which aside from Max and Logan not being able to touch, was one of the most heartbreaking twists in the whole season!) I still am not sure, if I were in Joshua’s shoes, I would have been able to stop! It just shows how much bigger he is (not just physically 😉 hehe) but mentally as well! It would of been excellent to see who they would of cast for Sandeman I thought the casting was really pretty good throughout the show. Especially John Savage as Donald Lydecker he was truly one of my favorite characters. It was also interesting and shocking to learn about Lita breaking her neck during the filming. Thanks again Dark Angel was honestly a great show to watch.

    1. Hey Shawn! Thanks so much for commenting! I love meeting fellow Dark Angel fans after all these years! So true about Sandeman, I really wonder who they would have chosen! Thanks again for your comments! hope you read them all and feel free to always comment!

  19. Gave both seasons of DA to my best friend for a surprise holiday gift(she was a big fan back in the day, but she never saw the 2nd season), and she said “worst series finale ever”. She thought it focused too much on long drawn-out action sequences, lots of running around and shooting and not much else, and the stupid virus wasn’t resolved. I thought it wasn’t bad overall, but I’m such an M/L shipper that I wanted that virus bitch down.

  20. I just finished watching Dark Angel last week and I’m so depressed… I think that’s why I’m here reading reviews. ( I don’t why no one recommends me this. if I hadn’t searched for Jessica Alba’s shows, I would never have seen it. )
    Don’t get me wrong, I love how S2 ended… I love how Max finally isn’t afraid to show the world who she really was after over a decade. The scene where she entered Jam Pony was just amazing. She comes out and show them what she’s made of in a best possible way. I love the whole fight and how she managed not to kill one… The point with Max always running away to finally taking a stand. and yes I agree. I love it when Max said “I’m proud to be a freak” and the whole raising flag scene with Logan on her side and others. I guess what made me depressed is the fact that it’s the last episode and I never get to see any more moments with her. The fact that the virus thing between her and Logan isn’t resolved. I believe that they can give us more and I still want to know how Max would possibly end the no pain no gain freaks that they want her dead so bad. Also to see Sandeman…

    But reading your review, I felt much better now, maybe it’s better to end that way, it’s so powerful. And the rest? I can make that up in my mind.

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